The EU is in no position to lecture the UK on ‘human rights’

EU admits one of its key measures is 2 ½ TIMES behind the UK’s rate

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Yet Barnier demands the UK commits to European Convention on Human Rights in trade deal?

Part Two of a Two-Part Brexit Facts4EU.Org Special Report
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As we reported yesterday, the EU has demanded that any trade deal with the UK be contingent on the UK making a commitment in the new trade treaty to abide by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

On Thursday, the EU’s Chief Negotiator Monsieur Michel Barnier waded in with a great deal of earnestness, lamenting the UK's apparent lack of interest in human rights, and warning of the impact this would have on the trade talks.

One problem for Monsieur Barnier yesterday, another one today

Yesterday we reported on Monsieur Barnier's first "eensy-weensy leetle" problem in trying to lecture the UK on human rights. We pointed out that the EU itself has been unable to sign the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Today we throw another awkward fact into the mix.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org looked at one “fundamental right of individuals” – living conditions

According to the EU just a week ago, 35% of non-EU citizens are living in overcrowded households in the EU27 countries. This means these people did not have the number of rooms appropriate to the size of the household.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

EU's overcrowding rate for foreigners is 2.5 times the UK's

  • 35.0% of non-EU citizens live in overcrowded accommodation in the EU27 countries
  • The rate was only 13.3% in the United Kingdom
  • The EU defines this as a “crucial” measure of living conditions and standards
  • Yet its overcrowding rate is more than two-and-a-half-times that in the UK

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The overcrowding rate is defined on the basis of the number of rooms available to a household, the household’s size, family situation and the ages of its members.

Here’s the EU itself, just one week ago

“Migrants often play an important role in the labour markets and economies of the countries in which they settle.”

“Housing is considered an important element for the well-being of individuals. Indeed, the quality and affordability of housing is often seen as crucial for measuring living standards and social inclusion/exclusion.”

- EU Commission statistics agency, 28 Feb 2020

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Let's remind ourselves of what Michel Barnier said after the first round of UK-EU trade negotiations

© EU Commission

“...The United Kingdom has informed us that it does not want to make a formal commitment to continue to apply the European Convention on Human Rights ...this would have an immediate and concrete effect on the ambition of our cooperation.”

- Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator – Statement after first round talks, Brussels, 05 Mar 2020

What is the “Overcrowding rate”?

The overcrowding rate is defined as the percentage of the population living in an overcrowded household.

For the EU, a person is considered as living in an overcrowded household if the household does not have at its disposal a minimum number of rooms equal to:

  • one room for the household;
  • one room per couple in the household;
  • one room for each single person aged 18 or more;
  • one room per pair of single people of the same gender between 12 and 17 years of age;
  • one room for each single person between 12 and 17 years of age and not included in the previous category;
  • one room per pair of children under 12 years of age


We picked just one measure of Monsieur Barnier’s “fundamental rights of individuals”. We picked it only because the EU had pronounced on it a week ago, and because the EU stated that it’s a “crucial” right.

We must therefore assume that this is exactly the kind of ‘human right’ which the EU’s Chief Negotiator is bothered about, in his trade negotiations with the UK. As the EU itself says:

“The overcrowding rate is often closely linked to other social exclusion and deprivation indicators, in particular those related to income.”

We must therefore put the question to Monsieur Barnier again

“When is the EU going to lift its human rights standards up
to the level of British human rights standards?”

Oh no, here we go again!

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 07 Mar 2020

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