Brexit saves UK from being baked in EU’s new €1.1 TRILLION eurocake

Boris’s decision not to extend EU membership avoids EU’s MASSIVE new budget

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The UK’s COVID economy may look bad, but without Brexit it would have been much worse

Brexit Facts4EU.Org analysis shows what a nightmare the UK has (almost) escaped from

The EU Commission says it is planning to spend a total new budget of €1.85 TRILLION, starting from 01 January next year. This comprises €1.1 TRILLION for the ‘normal’ EU budget and €0.75 TRILLION for the Coronavirus measures.

When Michael Gove and Boris Johnson formally confirmed on Friday and Monday to EU bureaucrats and three of the EU’s many presidents that the UK would not be extending the Transition Period, an enormous financial weight was lifted from the shoulders of UK taxpayers.

Every seven years the EU has to agree a budget lasting for the next seven years. Each time, this causes an almighty tussle between the EU Commission, the EU Council, and the EU Parliament. In reality, it is the 27 leaders of the member states of the EU who make the decision and everyone else falls into line, regardless of what political commentators call “the optics”.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The EU’s plans to spend €1.85 TRILLION of EU citizens’ money, starting on 01 Jan 2021

  • Total proposed EU budget : €1.1 TRILLION
  • Extras for COVID : €0.75 TRILLION
  • TOTAL : €1.85 TRILLION

(Source: EU Commission, 28 May 2020)

Here we focus purely on the normal, non-COVID, budget plans for €1.1 TRILLION

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  • Over a third of the basic EU Commission budget will go on “cohesion & values”
  • Almost another third will go on the "green" agenda
  • That’s €732.5 billion on these two EU Commission priorities alone
  • The Commission then plans to spend over €100 billion on "the neighbourhood & the world"
  • That's over 9%, and not that far shy of the amount they're spending on the Single Market
  • “Migration and border management” comes in at just €31.1 billion, or 2.8% of the budget
  • This is despite the dramatic effect this has had on so many EU countries since 2014
  • It is much less than half what the EU Commission plans to spend on itself, which is €74.6 billion

What are some of these budget headings really about?

The largest spend planned by the EU Commission is on something called “Cohesion & Values”. In the EU’s plans from January onwards this comes to an astonishing €375 billion. The vast majority of this goes to what the EU calls “Economic, social and territorial cohesion”.

In reality this is the EU’s vast wealth transfer mechanism from the richer EU countries (and the UK is still the second-highest contributor to this) to the poorer countries. As we have reported in detail many times before, the UK is not entitled to any money at all from the Cohesion Fund.

The second-highest spend planned by the EU Commission is on its flagship green agenda: €357 billion.

In summary, the two biggest areas of expenditure – ‘Cohesion & Values’ and the ‘green agenda’ account for a full TWO-THIRDS of the EU’s proposed budget from 01 January next year, 2021.


© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2020

Brexit Facts4EU continues to produce reports like these because it's important to remind people why we're leaving. We mustn't forget that we continue to face an overtly Remainer Establishment, many of whom still have not given up.

The great news in the last week has come from two video conference meetings, one held by Michael Gove and members of the EU Commission, and the other held by Prime Minister Boris Johnson with three of the EU’s many presidents.

The formal confirmation given by the UK – and now finally accepted by the desperate EU – that the UK is not prepared to extend its ‘EU colony status’ (the Transition Period) had many Brexiteers breathing big sighs of relief. The decision in itself was not a surprise to anyone, given that Mr Johnson’s Government had already enshrined this in legislation at the start of the year, but it was the first time that the EU bureaucrats finally seemed to give up hope of keeping the UK shackled to the EU until the start of 2023.

Great news, but there’s more to do

There remains a huge amount to do to ensure that Remainer civil servants (and many politicians) do not derail the express train to United Kingdom freedom and full independence. Nonetheless it’s important to recognise positive milestones along the journey and we certainly had one of these in the last week.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | EU Council | EU Parliament | No.10 Downing St. ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 18 June 2020

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