EXCLUSIVE - Boris gets reluctant Valentine's present from the EU

EU finally shows how badly it needs UK’s business, revealing 2019 figures

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Latest EU trade figures for 2019 show the UK separately for the first time

Another exclusive, shocking report from the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team

Yesterday the EU released its latest trade figures (for 2019) showing the UK as a non-EU country for the first time. For the past four years Brexit Facts4EU.Org has been painstakingly extracting UK data from the EU’s global comparisons in order to show information like this.

Now we have the EU’s own admissions on trade for the very first time

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These new EU trade figures give a huge Brexit boost to Boris’s tough trade stance

The new figures were released yesterday by the EU’s official statistics agency, Eurostat. As usual with anything which might be helpful to the Brexit cause, they came out on a Friday afternoon in Brussels and have gone unreported by the BBC.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The EU’s reluctant Valentine’s gift to Boris

EU27 goods trade figures for 2019 show UK as massive customer, second only to USA

  • Total EU27 goods exports to UK : €319bn
  • This is 15% of global EU27 goods exports in 2019
  • It’s 61% more than the EU27 sold to China
  • It’s 42% of the EU27’s entire sales to all non-EU European countries

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EU27 trade surpluses – the value of EU27 exports minus imports

  • The EU27 earned a €125 billion trade surplus from the UK in 2019
  • That’s a staggering 62% of the EU27’s total global trade surplus in goods last year
  • The EU27 made more from the UK than from the next five countries COMBINED
  • It’s 7 TIMES MORE than the EU did with Canada, whose trade deal the EU talks about constantly

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We know from the thousands of emails we have received over the past few years that many readers have been exasperated at the failure of organisations like the BBC – and indeed many Leave organisations – to present the simple facts about the EU27’s trade with the UK.

For far too long the public has been left with the impression that the UK is ‘small beer’ for the EU, when it comes to doing business.

Over the past four years we have published on this subject again and again, using simple facts to illustrate the economic power of the United Kingdom. Today, Saturday 15 February 2020, we can finally bring readers the definitive proof of what we have reported all along.

Here, at long last, are the EU’s own figures for last year (2019) which show the UK as a ‘third country’. No longer can Remainers (or Rejoiners) accuse us of manipulating data which we extracted from thousands of officiaL EU spreadsheets and databases.

The above data comes direct from the horse’s mouth, showing the UK as a separate country at long last. Clearly the UK was still a full member of the EU last year, but the EU have now separated out the UK from the EU27 when presenting the data.

A great Valentine’s present from the EU to Boris

Prime Minister, if you’re reading this, you are certainly entitled to chortle over your cornflakes this morning. Then please make our report required reading for all the Remainer civil servants who will continue to be involved in trade negotiations with the EU this year.

Brexit was never about trade, it was about sovereignty, democracy, independence and freedom. Trade and economic benefits were always going to be an added bonus.

We have always argued that the fanatical ideologues in the EU would never do a sensible deal with the UK and we haven’t changed our position over the past four years. Still, that doesn’t stop our information above being spread far and wide – thoughout the UK, the EU, and globally.

Dear reader, you will not have read the above information anywhere else. Please help us with a small donation today. We’ve used up our own resources during this long battle and we just can’t can’t keep pumping out essential reports like this without more public support. Thank you.

[ Sources: EU Commission official statistics agency ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 15 Feb 2020

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