200 countries & states sell to the EU with no Single Market or Customs Union

These non-EU and non-EEA countries sold £1.6 TRILLION of goods to the EU in 2017

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How on earth do all these independent countries and states manage it?

Today Brexit Facts4EU.Org explodes the myths from Remainer MPs and parties about the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We present some simple facts which come from the EU Commission itself.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

207 non-EU, independent countries and states sold products to the EU
worth €1.58 trillion pounds in 2017

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These countries are successfully selling to the EU

  • These countries are not members of the Single Market but they sell successfully to the EU
  • They are not members of the Customs Union but they sell successfully to the EU
  • They are not members of the EEA but they sell successfully to the EU
  • They have control of their borders, their money, and their laws, but they sell successfully to the EU
  • And the only country in the top 40 with a full, ratified Free Trade Agreement with the EU is South Korea

These countries are :

  • Not paying billions of pounds per year for access
  • Not having EU laws imposed on their parliament and their people
  • Not having EU regulations imposed on all their businesses, whether they sell to the EU or not
  • Not accepting 3.8m EU citizens into their country
  • Not allowing the EU to try to take part of their territory
  • Not allowing the EU to take most of the fish in their territorial waters

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Source: Official EU statistics for 2017, Eurostat

Where does our research come from?

Brexit Facts4EU.Org conducted research into the trade figures for 2017 from the official statistics body (Eurostat) serving the EU Commission. Eurostat’s list includes everyone from little islands to the major economies such as China and the USA.

Technically some of the small islands are not on the United Nations’ list of recognised countries, but they’re on the EU’s official list of states so we’ve included them. We always use EU data wherever possible, to give Remainer MPs nowhere to go.

In order to give readers a very clear picture of how possible it is to sell into the EU without being part of its apparatus, we then excluded EEA and EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) and those with some form of close relationship, such as Turkey and others. In other words we looked at all the countries selling into the EU perfectly successfully, without any EU complications.


The UK can be one of these normal, independent countries

If the vast majority of global sales into the EU come from countries which are not members of the EU’s Single Market or Customs Union, why shouldn’t the UK become one of them?

If over 200 countries and states can do it, why can’t the United Kingdom? This is the NORMAL way of selling to the EU.

It is a sad fact that for years MPs have been standing up in the House of Commons on a daily basis, telling the British people that membership of the EU’s Single Market and the EU’s Customs Union is essential.

This Brexit Facts4EU.Org report, based on analysis of official EU data, shows clearly that this is not the case.

The vast majority of sales into the EU are from normal, independent countries over whom the EU does not have the dominance and control – nor the punishment - which it has been attempting to impose on the United Kingdom since it voted to leave.

Trading with the EU like the rest of the World is normal.
Coming under its thumb is not.

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[ Sources: Official EU data - Eurostat ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 30 Nov 2019

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