Which EU Do Remainer MPs Want To Remain In?

There Are Five Versions

Remainer MPs and campaigners are fond of saying that people didn’t know what type of Brexit they were voting for in the 2016 Referendum. What they seem more reluctant to talk about is what type of Remain they voted for.

Remainers talk of remaining in the EU as if it were a form of ‘status quo’. In fact there isn’t one. The truth is that :-

The EU still doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up

27 Countries, 5 Futures

Shortly before the EU’s 60th anniversary celebrations in 2017, the EU issued its grandiosely entitled document “White Paper on the Future of Europe”. The document sets out in 30 pages a range of futures for the EU and puts them broadly into five categories.

“This White Paper maps out the drivers of change in the next decade and presents a range of scenarios for how Europe could evolve by 2025.”
“The scenarios cover a range of possibilities and are illustrative in nature. They are neither mutually exclusive, nor exhaustive.”

So, not only are there five futures which are described, but there could be many more.

No-One Will Know Until After The UK Has Left

Significantly, the EU will not be telling anyone which of the five futures it will be following, until after the date set for the UK’s departure.

“Work will thereafter continue in earnest so that we have a plan, a vision and a way forward to present to the people by the time we hold European Parliament elections in June 2019.”

The Five Main Futures

Here is how the EU classifies the five scenarios:-

Carrying On:

The EU27 focuses on delivering its positive reform agenda

Nothing but the Single Market:

The EU27 is gradually re-centred on the single market

Those Who Want More Do More:

The EU27 allows willing Member States to do more together in specific areas

Doing Less More Efficiently:

The EU27 focuses on delivering more and faster in selected policy areas, while doing less elsewhere

Doing Much More Together:

Member States decide to do much more together across all policy areas

Readers can review the entire 30 page document here.


It's regrettable that the EU wasn’t even able to get the title of the document right, calling it the “White Paper on the Future of Europe”. It should of course have been called :

“White Paper on the Future of the European Union”

Reminder to EU apparatchiks:

  • Europe is a continent of some 50 countries
  • The EU is a failing, undemocratic, political institution trying to govern 28 of those countries

What Type Of Remain Do They Want?

The critical factor in all of this is of course that no Remainer can say what type of Remain they voted for,
as the EU still doesn’t know itself.

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Reader Comments 3

1. NOT4EU , Sunday, January 06, 2019, 12:41:

An excellent question that is hardly asked (I've heard it once in 3 years) by our EUcult propaganda remainstream media, let alone the next obvious questions of what were their 'red lines' of membership if any, and what they would actually 'do' when their utopian dream proved to be a false reality.
The one time that I heard the question, Cable responded that adopting the € was a step too far. No follow up as to what he would do if it was made a requirement, given that the Ezone alone is quorate for any QMV decisions in the EU.
The EU UK parish council, commonly known as Parliament, needs a complete clear out. Their treason, for it is nothing else, knows no bounds.
As for the staged lorry 'chaos demo' to scare people into voting for May's deal, 1.5% of the 'normal traffic volume that passes through Dover on a daily basis, this is yet more profligate waste of taxpayers' money for a political projekt. Enough is Enough.

2. JACQUELINE HEATH , Sunday, January 06, 2019, 20:02:

If a WTO (no deal) Brexit happens on 29 Mar, what is to stop TM from simply giving the EU the financial and non-legal benefits of her WA without any say-so from MPs or the rest of us? I think it is something she might do; she has already done this on the military protocols we've been signed up to since 23rd June 2016 and she's already said the £39 billion is an 'obligation' when answering questions in Parliament. I know it is important to concentrate on Brexit at the moment and you do an excellent job of providing people like me with facts & figures, one I'm happy to support, but it is also important to think about what will happen after 29th March. The people who were unhappy after the referendum vote haven't given up and there's no reason to think that they'll just quietly go away after our leave date. Instead we might find ourselves facing a constant battle against our MPs and other Remain types who could well think that by giving up money, military capabilities and agreeing to partner with the EU in as many things as possible (and pay for the privilege) the EU could continue to be appeased and the UK might find itself embroiled enough in the future to make a re-admittance to the EU a possibility. I count TM amongst those people because her every action has shown her to be a Remainer to the core. I personally, like lots of Leavers, don't want to see an unnecessary penny or an unnecessary benefit go to the EU because it's done at our expense here in the UK but people like me won't be in charge and politicians do a lot quietly behind the scenes without telling anyone.

3. Michael Cheyne , Thursday, January 10, 2019, 10:01:

Well said and a sentiment with which I agree entirely. However, how can we change things? I do not know enough about how the political system works to know whether simply joining a political party might influence who is selected to stand at the next general election. Are party members given a vote on who stands in their constituencies? If we could encourage ‘leave’ supporters to join their chosen parties and force a candidate who supports ‘leave’ then we might stand a chance. I would welcome views on this.

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