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EU Council President’s home country – and how it needs the UK

Given the outrageous official statement by unelected EU Council President Donald Tusk yesterday, readers may like to review a summary of some facts relevant to Poland and its relationship with the EU and particularly with the UK.

1. Hosting Mr Tusk’s fellow countrymen and women in the UK

Here is what the ONS said in their latest migration report of November 2018 :-

Polish has been the most common non-British nationality in the UK since 2007.”

According to the ONS, 890,000 Poles live in the UK. This is widely assumed to be a large underestimate, due to the lack of proper monitoring conducted by the authorities. For years the provision of new N.I. numbers to EU nationals has far outstripped the supposed number of migrants entering the country from the EU, as we have reported many times.

UK : Poland’s 3rd-largest market - Poland sells far more to UK than Poland buys from UK

Last year in the 11 months to November 2018, Donald Tusk’s home country of Poland sold €12.7 billion of goods to the UK. In return they bought just €5.0 billion of British goods, giving them a massive trade surplus of €7.7 billion in just 11 months.

Their exports to the UK went up by a healthy 5.8% compared to the same period in 2017. The UK was the third largest market for Poland last year.

By contrast, Poland sold only €5.6 billion of goods to the USA in the same period, with a negative trade balance of -€0.3 billion. For Poland’s exports, the UK’s market is worth more than double that of the USA.

Poland – the most massively-subsidised country in the EU

Poland is the largest net beneficiary of the EU budget by a long way. For the last year for which figures are available, Poland received an amount exceeding the UK’s net contribution.

In 2017, Poland received a net subsidy more than twice the size of any other EU member state.

With the UK being one of the few net contributors to the EU budget over the past 45 years, the British taxpayer has been subsidising Poland ever since that country joined the EU.

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Please note: The above does not present the full picture, as the UK also pays heavily into the EU’s ‘off-budget’ funds – something we have reported on many times.


If we were Polish, like Mr Tusk, we would probably not be inclined to antagonise the people of the UK.

Given that he has done so, we welcome his apparent support for our #GoWTO campaign. We anticipate that his comments will persuade even more British people that the sooner we leave this sclerotic and anti-democratic organisation, the better.

07 Feb 2019

Sources: [ ONS | EU Commission | Polish Statistical Office ]

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