The truth about EU unemployment - without the UK

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org analyses latest data – with and without the UK

Last week the EU’s statistics agency published the latest unemployment figures. These remain gruesome for some countries, particularly for young people.

The average rate of 6.6% for the EU28 is still well above that of the UK at 4.0%.

What the EU’s agency failed to say is that the average unemployment rate in the EU will jump even higher in eight weeks’ time, when the UK leaves.

We have analysed the data to provide readers with this perspective. We also show the continued dire outlook for the young people in many EU member states.

When the UK leaves the EU – overall unemployment rates

EU unemployment

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The above chart shows the average unemployment rates for the EU with and without the UK. The average without the UK, based on the latest figures just released for Dec 2018, jumps from 6.6% to 7.0%.

The reason for the rise is simple. The UK’s unemployment rate stands at 4.0%. As this is less than two-thirds of the rate across the rest of the EU, it reduces the overall average rate and has the effect of making the EU’s figures look better than they really are.

What about youth unemployment?

As with overall unemployment rates, the rate for the EU will rise, this time from 14.9% to 15.6%. In the chart below, we have compared this to the UK’s youth unemployment rate of 11.5%.

EU unemployment

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Youth unemployment in the EU27

In effect, young people are on average almost 50% more likely to be unemployed in the EU27.

What are the latest youth unemployment rates in worst-effected countries?

Below we show some of the EU’s countries which have been most ravaged by youth unemployment. Whilst these rates have fallen in some cases, they have been and are continuing to have a desperate effect on an entire generation.

EU unemployment

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Most readers will be familiar with Greece’s problems, but the high levels in countries like France and Italy may surprise some. These are the second- and third-largest economies in the Eurozone, and yet France has the fifth-highest youth unemployment rate in the EU and Italy has the third-highest.


The EU27 exporting unemployment

A point that is seldom made when looking at unemployment rates is the distorting effect arising from the EU’s free movement of labour.

Put simply, without countries like the UK and Germany taking in millions of workers from less well-off countries, the unemployment rates in those countries would be significantly higher.

This applies to the overall rates and perhaps disproportionately more so to the youth unemployment rates, as young people generally have fewer ties and are more able to move to another country for work.

You wouldn’t know it to listen to the EU Commission, but perhaps these bureaucrats have a lot to thank the UK for.

05 Feb 2019

Sources: [ Eurostat ]

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