EU’s global exports down -4.4%, UK global exports up +15.3%

The EU’s bad news just keeps on coming


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Yesterday the official EU statistics agency Eurostat released its latest bulletin for international trade in goods. Once again the news does not make for pretty reading in Brussels.

The latest export figures from Eurostat compared June 2019 to June 2018, and as usual Brexit Facts4EU.Org has followed their methodology.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Latest EU international trade figures, June 2019 vs June 2018

  • Eurozone exports to the non-EU world fell by 4.7%
  • Eurozone Intra-EU exports (within the EU28) fell by 6.6%
  • EU28 exports to the world fell by 4.4%
  • EU28 Intra-EU exports (within the EU28) fell by 6.4%

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Source: Official EU Eurostat data, latest release, 16 Aug 2019

Meanwhile in the UK...

In the UK it was a different story. According to the ONS, UK exports of goods to non-EU countries increased, comparing June 2019 to June 2018 as the EU did.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Latest UK international trade figures, June 2019 vs June 2018

  • UK exports to the non-EU world increased by 15.3%
  • UK exports to the EU27 fell by 4.2%
  • The EU27’s share of the UK’s export market fell from 48.0% to 43.4%

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Source: The above figures for the UK come from the Office for National Statistics, as the EU does not provide monthly figures in pounds sterling.

This article has already promoted an instant response

Commenting on the Brexit Facts4EU.Org findings, Brian Monteith MEP, Brexit Party Chief Whip said:

“Not for the first time the team at Brexit Facts4EU.Org are to be commended for bringing to light highly damaging and alarming research that serves to explain why Brexit is so vital. The share of the UK’s trade with the EU is in long term decline against its booming commerce with the rest of the world – now the EU’s own statistics show it has gotten far worse.

“The UK cannot leave the EU a minute too soon; we need the freedom to strike lucrative trade deals with the growing regions of the world and, just as importantly, regulate and tax our own economy, for the benefit of our services and manufacturing sectors.

“As the Brexit Facts4EU.Org research shows, it remains astonishing that where Great Britain is supposed to have advantages of the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union the share of UK exports is declining. Yet where we have no such advantages – in the rest of the world – our trade is doing very well, thank you. Changes such as a more competitive Pound are neutral across both markets, but there is clearly a hunger for British goods and services in the rest of the world that is not shared to the same extent in the EU.”

“It remains a national scandal that our dominant public broadcasters refuse to see any significance in these statistics and do not give them the news coverage they deserve. Were it not for the hard work of Brexit Facts4EU.Org today’s revelations would go unreported.”

- Brian Monteith MEP, Chief Whip, Brexit Party in the EU Parliament


The significance for Brexit

The majority of the goods exported from the UK are destined for non-EU countries. Not only that, but some of the biggest customers have no trade deal with the EU. As we have reported on in detail several times, the EU’s record at doing free trade agreements has been lamentable.

The UK’s biggest customer is the USA, with which the EU not only has no trade deal, but with which it is in dispute on a wide range of issues.

“But we haven’t left yet”

This is a common refrain from Remainers. We have news for them. We know. Given that members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team have still not been able to go back to their normal lives three years after the Referendum, believe us we know.

What Remainers overlook is the overall effect on the outward-looking mentality of British business since the British people voted to leave the European Union. We’re not talking about the top echelons of the CBI, of course, but rather the members of organisations such as the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs.

There is now far more talk about global markets in the business world than there was when it seemed that we were forever destined to be a captive customer for EU27 companies. Let’s not forget that the EU27 earned over £95 billion from us last year. That was their surplus of what they sold us compared to what we sold them.

Exchange rate fluctuations have helped UK businesses to export more of course, but we sense a real excitement and enthusiasm amongst many business people at the UK once again spreading its wings on the global business stage.

Exchange rate changes simply can’t explain the disproportionate increase in exports to non-EU countries. The fall in the pound made British products just as popular to EU customers, and yet it’s the global exports which have shown the biggest increase in the latest figures.

Have you heard the EU's latest trade news from yesterday on the BBC?

As usual, we searched in vain on the BBC’s outlets for any mention of the above news from the EU yesterday. Answer came there none.

We invite readers to imagine if the figures had been reversed. Imagine if it had been the EU27’s global exports which had grown by 15.3% and further imagine if it had been the UK’s global exports which had dropped by 4.4%?

Then also imagine if the EU27’s share of the UK’s export market had increased by 4.6 percentage points, not fallen by that amount? In those circumstances we can’t help feeling that the BBC would have been all over this like a rash.

This has been a good news story from the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team. We hope readers liked it. If you could help to keep us going until Brexit, quick and secure donation methods are below. We only have you to rely on. Thank you.

[ Sources: Eurostat | ONS ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 17 Aug 2019

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