The best Customs Union summary ever, using official EU statistics for 2018

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Dear MP, this 1-pager gives you the essential summary information on the EU's Customs Union. It is derived from the latest EU Commission figures, and as such is incontrovertible.

We suspect that you haven't been given this information. After looking at it, you may want to ask why you haven't seen this from your usual sources. We suggest that those of you who want to base your decisions on facts may wish to revise your view about the Customs Union.

Brexit Summary

All you see below comes from official EU Commission data from Eurostat, the EU's version of our ONS

  • The EU27 countries made a staggering £105 billion pounds from the UK – in the last year alone
  • They sold us £272.4 billion of goods last year, but bought only £167.3 billion of goods from us in return

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The figures above show the balance of trade. This is the value of what they sell us, minus what we sell them. As MPs can see, they sell us far more, which means they are earning out of the arrangement. Germany alone made a net €41 BILLION out of the UK in 2018.

What happens when the UK is not counted as part of the EU?

  • When the UK becomes an EU27 'export market', it becomes the 2nd-biggest buyer of EU goods in the World
  • The UK market is vital to the EU27
  • It's almost as large as the USA and is far more important to the EU27 than China.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2019 - click charts to enlarge.

Quite simply, the UK does dreadfully out of the Customs Union

Tariff-free access merely allows EU conglomerates to flood the UK market, to the detriment of UK manufacturing and jobs. It only benefits multinational companies, not the 92% of British business who do not trade with the EU.

It forces the Common Commercial Tariff on the UK, which means UK consumers pay far more for imported goods than they need to. It works in the interests of EU27 countries, as you can see from the official EU Commission data above.

What possible reason is there to want to stay in the Customs Union, or any variation thereof?

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