Pro-remain Business Minister's thoughts on the EU

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Extraordinary official anti-EU views
of pro-remain Business Minister, Sajid Javid
Completely at odds with the Government leaflet we've all received.
See below for more information.
SUMMARISED EXCERPTS from the Business Minister's "Remain" declaration
SAJID JAVID is Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the President of the Board of Trade. Note: his pro-remain statement came after Mr Cameron’s ‘renegotiations’ this year.
So these are the pro-remain Business Minister’s current views
Taken from his official and current statement:-
OVERVIEW - “My heart says we are better off out.”
“It's clear now that the United Kingdom should never have joined the European Union. In many ways, it’s a failing project, an overblown bureaucracy in need of wide-ranging and urgent reform.”
“If this year’s referendum were a vote on whether to join in the first place, I wouldn’t hesitate to stand up and say Britain would be better off staying out”.
On Mr Cameron’s ‘Reformed EU’:
“I am disappointed by the scope and scale of the reforms offered by the European Council.” … “Even fans of the EU will admit that further treaty changes are needed to fix crises such as the Eurozone meltdown.”
On our business future post-Brexit:
“I’d embrace the opportunities such a move would create and I have no doubt that, after leaving, Britain would be able to secure trade agreements not just with the EU, but with many others too.”
On Britain being stronger in or out:
“Had we never taken the fateful decision to sign up, the UK would still, of course, be a successful country with a strong economy. We would be an independent trading nation like the US, Japan, or Canada.”
On being out of EU, taking control of immigration, being independent:
“Over the years, we would have developed trade agreements with the EU and with others, all without surrendering control over immigration or our economic independence.”
On the Government’s Project Fear:
“As I’ve said before, a vote to leave the EU is not something I’m afraid of. I’d embrace the opportunities such a move would create…”
“Ignore the scare stories about a vindictive EU snubbing the UK – it simply couldn’t afford to, and an agreement letting the UK maintain its current level of access to EU markets would, eventually, materialise.”
So why is Mr Javid voting for ‘Remain’?
“Even the most committed members of the ‘leave’ camp accept that there will inevitably be a short-term cost to leaving. The question is whether it is balanced out by the long-term gains. It’s a very reasonable question – and I came incredibly close to answering ‘Yes, yes it is.’”
My heart says we are better off out. My head says it’s too risky right now.
“That’s why, with a heavy heart and no enthusiasm, I shall be voting for the UK to remain a member of the European Union.”
Our interpretation:
The pro-Remain but anti-EU Business Minister seems to be telling us:
‘Our house is on fire, but we can’t call the Fire Brigade
in case they use water to put out the flames.’
Mr Javid has always been one of the strongest Eurosceptics in Cabinet. Some say that his eventual statement for ‘Remain’ was made to safeguard his job in any reshuffle after the Referendum result.
We leave you to decide.
Source: Full article published on Mr Javid’s official website. We’ve summarised his thinking under various headings using excerpts from his own article and in fairness you should read the full article here. His article was originally published in the Mail on Sunday.
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