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Quick Brexit facts for busy people
From reliable, official sources
Our facts come with official sources cited.
Email us here at Facts4eu.org to make special requests at short notice.
EU Referendum News - Researched Facts, not Fiction.
Discrete, loyal, committed.
Our free facts come with official sources cited. And we do special requests.
     - Go in armed with facts.
1. Our research frequently means hours of painstaking trawls through complex tables and information buried in official EU and UK websites.
2. We look for key facts to present in a simple and powerful way.
3. Our aim is that you can confidently accept an invitation from Mr Neil to appear on the Daily or Sunday Politics, unlike almost all Government Ministers...
Facts4eu.org - Aiming For Accuracy To Support Pro-UK and EU-Realist Arguments.
A Unique FREE Service For MPs and Spokespersons For the Leave Campaigns
1. Powerful new facts and figures, researched from official sources, updated daily.
2. Presented in bullet points of 100-200 words, with key facts and sound-bites in bold.
3. Rebuttals of Remainder claims and hot news posted daily.
Facts4eu.org - Helping You Take Control Of The Debate.
Clear & Consistent Facts = Voter Credibility
1. Leave spokespersons are constantly challenged by the media and need clear and consistent facts and figures which voters can rely on.
2. Facts4eu.org aims to provide a reliable source of simple facts to back up your arguments.
3. All facts are supported by original research, from studies of the latest official data available.
Facts4eu.org - Bringing You Simple & Reliable Facts To Back Your Position.
1. We are not party-affiliated and currently have no affiliations with any Leave campaigns including Vote Leave, Leave.EU, and Grassroots Out.
2. We're seeking support in order to develop the service we can provide.
3. Please let us know if you have influence and can put us in touch with a source of potential funding, or have suggestions.
Facts4eu.org - A Volunteer Service Looking For More Help.  Discrete, loyal, committed.
Submit Facts / Articles / Tell Us Your News
We welcome contributions to our facts, articles, and news pages. Please contact the Editors.
Facts4eu.org is a not-for-profit site, non party-political, and not connected to any Leave campaign.
We are neither rich nor famous and we're all volunteers.
We present facts we've researched from official government and EU sources.

We have 2 main aims:
1.  To give voters bullet-pointed and factual summaries of key points, to help people to decide how to vote.
2.  Crucially, to allow MPs and Leave campaigners to give reliable and consistent facts to the voting public.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Editors if you can volunteer in some way, or if you can support us financially.
NEUTRALITY:    Facts4eu.org focuses on information which shows that the UK is better off regaining its independence and growing globally. The entire weight of the Establishment is promoting the opposite case, so this site is just one small voice trying to redress the balance.

All material © Facts4eu.org 2016.
Press and Leave campaigns please contact us for re-use of information.
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