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DateArticle TitleAccess Level
01/04/2022“The whole EU fishing fleet is becoming virtually unprofitable,” says EU CommissionPublic Taster
04/11/2021Proof that the French fishing boat claims are all at sea – an exclusive analysisStandard Subscriber
01/11/2021“Ze clock eez ticking” – 24 hours until unilateral French action against Brexit BritainStandard Subscriber
31/10/2021Emmanuel Macron is bound over to keep the peace with the UK – but will he?Standard Subscriber
30/10/2021‘French letter’ that leaked: Macron’s PM says ‘It is essential to make Brexit damaging’Standard Subscriber
29/09/2021EU fishing bonanza – UK issues licences to 1,700 EU boats to fish in UK watersStandard Subscriber

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