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Quick, clickable Brexit facts for normal people.
From credible, official sources.
Give us 3 minutes and we’ll give you 30 key facts,
all backed by official Government and EU sources
Note: The following are not wild claims.
You can read the details behind the headlines and their official sources on the rest of this website.
  • The UK will not have to accept 'free movement' and mass EU immigration on Brexit.
  • The UK will not have to continue paying the EU £10 billion per year, nor to accept its interference.
  • 165 countries from around the World trade happily with the EU without having to pay the EU £10 billion net per year, or having to accept the EU controlling their lives.
  • There is no "reformed EU". Mr Cameron asked for almost nothing and got even less.
  • Our safety and security comes from membership of NATO, our security services, and our armed forces - the EU has had nothing to do with it.
  • We do not control our borders - we have to let in all EU nationals. Being outside Schengen makes no difference.
  • All the big banks and big organisations lined up by Mr Cameron promised disaster for the UK if we didn't join the Euro. They were wrong then, they're wrong now.
  • "It's safer to stick with what we know" - the EU changes every year and by 2025 will change beyond recognition. There's no 'status quo' option on the ballot paper.
  • The UK has created more jobs than the rest of the EU put together.
  • The Eurozone’s unemployment is double that of the UK.
  • Over two million EU migrants have now taken UK jobs and the number is rising fast.
  • Wages:
  • Mass EU immigration into UK causes low wages, admits Head of Remain camp.
  • He says wages will rise after Brexit.
  • Prices:
  • Retail Prices Index trebled in the 3 years after we joined EU.
  • Food prices will fall post-Brexit, says House of Commons Report.
  • Life:
  • Health, Schools, Housing - under increasing pressure from mass EU immigration.
  • Economy:
  • EU’s growth is half UK’s, EU’s share of world economy halved since 1980.
  • Eurozone remains in financial crisis - huge costs to come.
  • After 43 years’ membership of EU : no visible improvement to UK’s growth rate.
  • Chancellor’s ‘Dodgy Dossier’ shows national income continues to rise on Brexit.
  • Trade and exports will continue to grow without EU membership, official data shows.
  • UK can NOT stop EU migrants from entering – Schengen agreement makes no difference.
  • Number of EU nationals officially working in the UK has risen by nearly 4 times in 12 years.
  • 2 million EU migrants have now taken UK jobs, numbers are growing fast.
  • 13 EU candidate countries including Turkey will add 152 million to EU population.
  • Security & Safety:
  • It’s NATO which has guaranteed the peace since WWII, not the EU.
  • UK is only EU member to pay its full contribution for NATO.
  • Intelligence comes from UK membership of ‘FiveEyes’ – no EU involvement.
  • Europol chief says up to 5,000 Jihadi fighters are now in EU.
  • The EU has started developing its own intelligence services and its own German-led army.
  • If we stay in, our defence, security, and foreign policy will eventually be run from Brussels.
    Sovereignty, laws, democracy:
  • April 2016 Government report shows:
    • UK has no overall control of its borders.
    • UK has no right to control immigration.
    • EU laws override UK laws.
    • EU decides tax rules.
    • EU now controls vast areas of life of British people.
  • Only the unelected EU Commission can propose laws. Once decided, the UK can't change them.
  • What 'Remain' looks like (no status quo is on offer):
  • By 2025, 19 Eurozone countries will become one EU Superstate.
  • Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain etc will cease to exist as normal, separate countries .
  • Soon, this 'United States of Europe' will dominate us.
  • The British people will then be like extras, paying to appear in someone else’s foreign movie.
  • The reality behind voting to Remain is NOT voting for things to stay the same – they won’t.
  • Voting ‘Remain’ is a vote for constant change – 43 years of membership has proved that.
Facts4eu.org is a not-for-profit site, non party-political, and not connected to any Leave campaign.
We are neither rich nor famous and we're all volunteers.
We present facts we've researched from official government and EU sources.

We have 2 main aims:
1.  To give voters bullet-pointed and factual summaries of key points, to help people to decide how to vote.
2.  Crucially, to allow MPs and Leave campaigners to give reliable and consistent facts to the voting public.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Editors if you can volunteer in some way, or if you can support us financially.
NEUTRALITY:    Facts4eu.org focuses on information which shows that the UK is better off regaining its independence and growing globally. The entire weight of the Establishment is promoting the opposite case, so this site is just one small voice trying to redress the balance.

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