Even last year’s immigration numbers were mind-boggling

Ahead of next week’s figures, we reveal how bad it was last year

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Whether it’s 600,000, 700,000, or 950,000, it was already way too high last year

On Thursday next week the Office for National Statistics is due to release the latest net immigration numbers. In the last year Brexit Facts4EU published 10 reports on this subject. Last year net immigration soared to a staggering 504,000, according to the ONS.

For years we have exposed the truth – and have been ‘shadow-banned’ for it on social media many times. These days Elon Musk owns Twitter and life is a lot freer there. The subject of immigration is mainstream news, finally. Please don’t believe some broadcasters claiming exclusivity on this subject – we have repeatedly reported on this for many years.

Bill Gates’s spotty teenagers who patrol the internet as his 'Staatspolizei' might still shadow-ban us on Facebook, but the simple fact is that this topic is now out in the open.

Ahead of the latest figures being released by the Office for National Statistics next week, we give readers a perspective. Below is a summary of the figures available last year. These were already bad enough.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Warning : Those of a nervous disposition should look away now

  • 104.9 million passenger arrivals in 2022 (excluding Irish but including returning UK residents)
  • There were 2,836,490 visas granted by the Home Office in 2022
  • 238,562 visas were granted to Ukrainians, 208,000 of which came under the new scheme since the war
  • Over 10 million (10,021,475) people permanently living in England and Wales were not born in the UK
  • This is out of a total population of 59,597,565
  • EU27 citizens made up 3,632,470, of which 1.3 million were from Poland or Romania
  • Non-EU citizens made up 6,389,005 immigrants
  • More than 2 million came from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nigeria

[Source: Office for National Statistics, 2023.]

1. Migrants from the EU27

[Source: Office for National Statistics report on 2021 Census, 27 Jan 2023.]

Below are the numbers for each EU27 country.

  • Poland : 743,085
  • Romania : 538,840
  • Ireland : 324,670
  • Italy : 276,670
  • Germany : 263,365
  • Spain : 166,915
  • Lithuania : 164,160
  • Portugal : 156,300
  • France : 155,320
  • Bulgaria : 150,255
  • Hungary : 95,400
  • Latvia : 88,585
  • Greece : 80,120
  • Slovakia : 73,940
  • Cyprus : 72,560
  • Netherlands : 67,375
  • Czechia : 46,170
  • Sweden : 33,005
  • Belgium : 31,270
  • Malta : 24,475
  • Denmark : 21,015
  • Austria : 16,855
  • Finland : 13,580
  • Croatia : 12,825
  • Estonia : 10,015
  • Slovenia : 3,535
  • Luxembourg : 2,165
  • EU27 TOTAL : 3,632,470

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10 out of the Top 20 countries of origin in the world were EU27 countries

2. Migrants from non-EU countries

[Source: Office for National Statistics report on 2021 Census, 27 Jan 2023.]

Below are the numbers of migrants from the Top 10 non-EU countries of origin around the world.

  • India : 920,360
  • Pakistan : 623,555
  • Bangladesh : 273,040
  • Nigeria : 270,770
  • South Africa : 217,180
  • USA : 203,280
  • China : 182,375
  • Philippines : 155,015
  • Sri Lanka : 144,295
  • Jamaica : 142,155
  • TOTAL NON-EU : 6,389,005

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The Home Office let more than 10 million people into England and Wales last year

105 million people entered the England and Wales last year. Yes, most of these people were visitors. Nevertheless the Home Office granted over 10 million visas of one kind or another.

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The UK’s Rejoiner-Globalists have received over £3.5m in foreign funding

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Finally, here is how the UK’s population has exploded since Tony Blair’s administration

In the 1970s, prior to the United Kingdom joining the ‘Common Market’ or ‘EEC’, population growth was relatively flat. It then started rising, and took off after former Prime Minister Tony Blair came to power in 1997.

The UK’s population has increased by 8 million (13.5%) in just 20 years.

The annual increases became dramatic following the enlargement of the EU in 2004, when Mr Blair allowed unlimited immigration from the new (and much poorer) countries from Eastern Europe who joined the bloc that year. Immigration then took off again in 2007, when Romania and Bulgaria joined. The UK was one of the very few EU members to grant citizens from those countries immediate entry.

Putting aside our usual caveats that neither the Office for National Statistics nor the Government really has a clue about the numbers of people actually in the United Kingdom, below we present the latest official figures on population growth.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2023 - click to enlarge

[Source: Office for National Statistics, June 2022 (latest data).]


Here’s a simple idea for the PM which would guarantee him votes at the next general election

Put caps on the numbers of each category of immigrants : study routes, work routes, family reasons, and other reasons (eg Ukrainians, Hong Kong residents, etc). Ensure the total equals less than 100,000. End some of the ludicrous rules such as allowing foreign students to bring their families with them. Then the Conservatives could finally say they had reduced immigration “to the tens of thousands”, which has been promised since David Cameron’s 2010 administration.

Secondly, deport all illegal migrants immediately. We are facing a massive crisis where our health service is broken, schools are overflowing, GP and dental surgeries are blocked, our local infrastructure is creaking in every way, and the housing shortage is so bad we will soon have to concrete over the national parks and build 1 million homes per year, at the rate we’re going.

Rishi Sunak will not do either of these things, of course. And in not doing so he will lose the next election. The Conservative Party is ruthless and he will be gone within months.

The United Kingdom now has the right to set its own immigration policy, after decades of having to obey the EU’s. Seven years after the country voted to leave, it’s high time the PM started to use our new-found freedoms.

We must get reports like this out there

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics | The Home Office ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 20 May 2023

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