How the UK has been wiping the floor with the EU over clean energy

The EU’s top priority is its ‘green deal’ yet the facts show the UK puts it to shame

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Facts4EU analysis of CO2 emissions per person - UK ‘cleans up’ in contest with EU27

With the EU Commission’s top priority being its ‘green deal’, today Brexit Facts4EU demonstrates just how poorly the EU has performed compared with the United Kingdom.

This report contains official data on what is held up as a key ‘climate change’ metric – CO2 emissions. We present figures from the ‘established science’ and then comment in our Observations below.

Any analysis of how countries are performing in reducing their CO2 emissions must naturally take into account the relative size of the countries in question. A very obvious way to do this it to look at CO2 emissions per capita and see how these have changed over time. This is what we have done.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Latest data : 2011-2021 – ten years of declining CO2 emissions per person

1. The United Kingdom versus the EU27 average

  • UK : -30.6%
  • EU27 : -17.0%

[Source: Our World in Data (Oxford Univ.), accessed 18 Mar 2023.]

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2. Selected large EU countries versus the United Kingdom

  • UK : -30.6%
  • Italy : -21.5%
  • Spain : -19.4%
  • Germany : -18.6%
  • France : -16.1%
  • Poland: -0.9%

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The EU Commission’s No.1 priority is its ‘green deal’

Barely a week goes by without the EU Commission’s propaganda department churning out statements and speeches by Ursula von der Leyen and her colleagues on the subject of their ‘green deal’. This is their top policy objective and they have repeatedly confirmed this.

Even on the subject of the war in Ukraine the Commission has waxed lyrical about its intended supply of solar panels to the war-torn country.

Against this background it might be expected that the reduction in emissions of CO2 is one area where the EU might be able to demonstrate a degree of success compared with the United Kingdom. As our analysis shows, however, once again this is not the case.

The UK has beaten all the EU’s major economies by a long way. In the case of the large EU country of Poland, the UK’s reduction in CO2 per person has been 34 times better over the last 10 years.


When Facts4EU team members went to school and university there was no such thing as ‘established science’. We were taught that scientific theories are presented, questioned, and refined over time as other research and theories rise to challenge them. Science is a process of learning. It is not in any way finite.

These days we are told that we must not challenge the ‘accepted science’, on everything from climate change to Covid. Doing so is a quick way to get shadow banned on the social media platforms run by Big Tech.

In our report above we have therefore merely presented the official data and drawn a comparison between the superior performance of the UK vis-à-vis the EU. We could of course have gone much further and questioned the Government’s Net Zero policies. Over time we hope to do this on an increasing basis, as our funding and resources allow.

What is clear from today’s report, however, is that if countries are to be judged on their reduction of CO2 emissions, then Brexit Britain is once again beating the EU hands down.

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[ Sources: OWID (Oxford University) ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 18 Mar 2023

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