‘Irexiteers’ letter to UK MPs provokes irate reaction in Irish Republic

Facts4EU.Org’s publication of a letter to UK MPs by an Irexit group causes a stir

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The Irish pro-EU backlash – abuse pours in despite perfectly reasonable letter

On Sunday Facts4EU.Org exclusively published extracts from a letter which had been sent to over 60 British MPs from an independence group in the Republic of Ireland. This letter was subsequently published in full yesterday by the organisation of which Facts4EU.Org is the leading affiliate: CIBUK.Org.

As a result, Twitter and Facebook lit up, making our article the most popular in the last four weeks. Most of the reactions from Irish citizens were hostile, with many using foul language.

Yesterday Express.co.uk picked up on our work, producing not one but two articles based on the story we published on Sunday.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Irexiteers' letter to UK MPs

Today we respond on three major points from the abuse we received

1. The pro-Irexit organisation did NOT say Irexit is imminent

The ‘National Platform EU Research and Information Centre’ in Dublin said “Brexit has placed Irexit on the historical agenda.”

They outlined to UK MPs how the circumstances in the Republic of Ireland have been slowly changing, citing the fact that Ireland is now a net contributor to the EU budget. This and other issues led to their statement that: “People in the Republic will have to consider seriously in the time ahead whether it makes sense for Ireland to continue as an EU member.”

2. Yes, the Irish government and the EU DID prevent a North-South border solution

The Irexit organisation claimed in their letter to UK MPs that:

“When Mr Leo Varadkar became Taoiseach here in 2017, he took steps to ensure that an unobtrusive digital border to monitor North-South trade in goods within Ireland could not be established, by closing down fruitful discussions on this topic that were then taking place between the Irish and British Revenue authorities.

Facts4EU.Org can assert that this statement is entirely correct.

In 2017 we researched and published testimony from the heads of the Customs organisations of the Republic and of the United Kingdom. In each case these testimonies were delivered to parliamentary committees of each parliament - and are a matter of public record.

A perfectly sensible border solution for North-South trade was easily possible, had the Irish government and the EU not conspired to prevent it. This then led on to the disastrous N.I. Protocol which has broken the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement.

3. The UK economy is not 'tanking' as the Irish are being told by their media

Last year (2021) the UK was the second fastest-growing economy in the G7 and the fastest-growing of its European members. In the latest official figures for this year (2022) the UK's GDP growth over the last 12 months was +3.5%. The UK economy is now well above pre-pandemic levels. Conversely, the EU's economy is still well below pre-Covid levels.

Finally, UK exports to the EU are up 26.6% since the Referendum, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Tomorrow we will republish the testimony of the Customs organisations of both countries.



If we thought the abuse we get on social media from UK Remainer-Rejoiners was bad enough, we must say that the Irish EU-lovers now take first place.

The Facts4EU.Org team are all firm advocates of freedom of speech. Differing views from the Republic of Ireland are natural and we welcome their expression, particularly if they are backed up with the kind of official facts we research and publish.

We have to say, however, that abusive comments add nothing to anyone’s understanding of the issues and are not welcome at all. We would not ban anyone’s right to make them but simply find it disappointing that so many people seem to want to descend to that level.

Facts4EU.Org will continue to publish factual reports for its loyal readership as long as funding allows, no matter who these facts might upset.

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[ Sources: Social media responses to our article ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 02 Aug 2022

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