Revealed: The disunited EU and its list of member countries on ‘the naughty step’

An exclusive Facts4EU.Org analysis exposes the 2,000+ cracks in the EU’s ‘solidarity’

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And the EU Commission still has 22 cases against the UK – most of them after we voted to leave presents the league table of the EU’s ‘naughty list’ of countries breaking EU law. The EU Commission constantly talks of the EU’s ‘unity’ and ‘solidarity’. The truth is very different.

Yesterday the EU Commission announced its latest list of ‘infringements’ of EU law committed by its member countries. In an exclusive analysis, Facts4EU.Org has delved into the very long list of live cases on the Commission’s list.

Today we can reveal a summary of the 2,041 cases of infringements of EU law currently cited by the EU Commission. These are active cases which range from notices telling a country to obey EU law (or else) to cases where countries have failed to act and which are being brought to the EU’s Court of Justice.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

The EU Commission’s list of member countries on the ‘naughty step’

The top 10 naughtiest kids in the Commission’s classroom

  1. Greece : 106
  2. Spain : 106
  3. Italy : 98
  4. Belgium : 97
  5. Bulgaria : 97
  6. Poland : 97
  7. Czechia : 95
  8. Portugal : 87
  9. Romania : 87
  10. Slovenia : 78
  1. UK : 22

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It should be noted that the country in which the EU has its base – Belgium – is no.4 on the list.

The UK traditionally offended least. Only seven of the live cases against the UK pre-date the EU Referendum. The majority were claimed by the EU Commission after the British people voted to leave the EU.

What have these countries done wrong?

The list of the different offences committed by EU member countries is long.

The offences include failures to obey a very wide range of measures decided by Brussels, showing just how far the EU has ‘infringed’ on the sovereignty of its member states.

As the years pass there are fewer and fewer areas of public policy where EU27 countries may determine their own policies. The EU’s tentacles have gradually extended deeper and deeper into the fabric of each country’s laws, constitutions, and ways of life.


The ‘naughty step’ in the EU Commission’s classroom is in fact a ‘naughty staircase’

It includes every one of the 27 member countries of the EU. There is not one well-behaved country still sitting at its desk in the Commission’s classroom.

When the United Kingdom was still a member it was one of the best behaved of them all. The moment the British people voted to leave, however, a rash of cases were brought against the UK by the vindictive Commission, and some of these are still open. Most cases take many years to resolve, so our chart above is a fair reflection of the fact that the UK obeyed EU laws more than any other country.

For the EU to have more than 2,000 open cases against its own member countries shows just how far the Commission has intruded into the lives of the citizens in each country.

Once again this shows the extent to which the EU has moved from being a friendly trading bloc to a totalitarian, unelected edifice, controlling the lives of over 440 million people.

This is the world into which the Rejoin campaign would have us re-submerge our identity.

The EU does not provide the information above - it takes work to analyse their detailed numbers

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[ Sources: EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thurs 07 Apr 2022

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