If you thought the British are being badly treated by the EU, try being Swiss

With Swiss employment ratios, the UK would have 5.8m more jobs taken by EU workers

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25% of Swiss jobs are taken by EU citizens, and the EU insists on state benefits for them all

As Facts4EU.Org reported yesterday, the Swiss government has walked away from seven years of negotiations with the EU over an all-encompassing trade and cooperation agreement. The new agreement was intended to replace some 120 separate agreements governing relations between the EU27 countries and Switzerland.

The EU Commission instantly reacted to the Swiss decision in a hostile fashion, cutting off the medical devices supply agreement with Switzerland (in the middle of the EU’s Covid crisis), and threatening Swiss electricity supplies and Swiss flights.

Switzerland is a neutral country surrounded on all sides by EU countries, with just one small border to the tiny non-EU principality of Liechtenstein.

EU’s insistence on unimpeded movement of EU citizens into Switzerland was a big factor

On Wednesday the Swiss government said this about EU immigration:

“Adopting the CRD [the EU’s ‘Citizens’ Rights Directive’] in its entirety would effectively constitute a paradigm shift in Switzerland's migration policy – a policy which enjoys wide support among the Swiss population and cantons…. The Federal Council intends to defend these vital interests.”

Photo left: Guy Parmelin, President of the Swiss Federal Council

Does the following look familiar to British readers?

Facts4EU.Org researched the numbers of EU citizens in Switzerland and vice versa. The result shows a pattern that will be very familiar to British readers.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

EU citizens represent 16.5% of the total Swiss population

  • Swiss population : 8,667,100
  • EU citizens : 1,430,197

[Source: Official Eurostat figures for 2020.]

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EU citizens take a quarter of all jobs in Switzerland

When it comes to EU workers taking jobs in Switzerland, the figures are even more stark.

  • Out of a total Swiss workforce of 5.1 million persons, just over 25% are EU citizens
  • 1.28 million EU citizens work in Switzerland
  • 343,809 of these are cross-border workers from the EU

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[Source note: The EU’s official statistics agency has even higher figures but we have used the lower and much more conservative percentage of EU workers in Switzerland specified in the May 2021 document published by the EU Commission’s EEAS.]

Over three times as many EU citizens live in Switzerland as vice versa

Once again the EU benefits far more from free movement than does the country it is negotiating with. According to the latest figures for 2020 (published May 2021) from the EU Commission’s ‘European External Action Service’ (EEAS), 1.4 million EU citizens live in Switzerland but only 400,000 Swiss live in the EU. Likewise in the UK, we now know from official figures that the UK is hosting far more EU27 citizens than the EU is hosting British people.

Switzerland also sees a massive number of EU citizens crossing its borders each day to work there. Over 340,000 people commute to Switzerland from the EU, and well over 200,000 persons from the EU/EFTA area register in Switzerland each year.

If the Swiss numbers were put into UK terms, what would they look like?

The UK’s population is almost eight times larger than Switzerland’s. When Switzerland’s proportions of EU27 residents and EU27 workers are put into UK terms, the results are startling.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Based on Switzerland’s proportions, the UK would look like this

  • UK population : 66,796,807
  • Equivalent EU citizens based on Swiss proportions : 11,022,440 (16.5%)

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And the UK jobs market would look like this

  • UK workforce : 32,476,311
  • Equivalent EU citizens in UK jobs based on Swiss ratio : 8,119,078 (25.0%)
  • Latest figures from ONS (for 2019) show only 2.3 million EU citizens working in the UK, but we know it is much higher

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[Source for UK data: Office for National Statistics]

The EU insisted on full workers' rights and state benefits for EU citizens in Switzerland

One concern of the Swiss was the EU’s insistence that EU citizens should have rights to benefits in Switzerland. This is exactly what the UK Government agreed to in respect of the 5m+ EU27 citizens in the UK, as part of its Brexit deal.

The UK now has over 5.4 million EU citizens who have registered with the Home Office. (Latest figures, 30 Apr 2021.) This compares to the 2.9 million admitted to by the EU and the Remain campaign in 2016. All of these people – assuming they will all be approved) have rights to state benefits in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday the Swiss refused to submit to a similar deal.


A pattern is developing

It must now be a subject of concern for the leaders of EU member countries that the new EU Commission led by German appointee Ursula von der Leyen seems to tripping up at every turn.

The Commission’s behaviour towards the UK since the Brexit vote has been distinctly hostile and it’s informative to see how the Swiss are being treated in the same way.

We feel the EU now risks a significant and permanent downturn in EU exports to the United Kingdom, as UK consumers turn to British and non-EU products, and indeed this is now starting to show in the monthly figures. The EU’s unhelpful attitude to the Northern Ireland Protocol – now clearly unfit for purpose and which contravenes the Good Friday Agreement – is yet another example of the EU’s aggressive attitude to a neighbouring country.

Now it’s the turn of the Swiss to face EU hostility

Now we have the peace-loving Swiss finally giving up on the Commission and instantly being punished over – of all things – medical supplies. The Commission has also threatened many other arrangements with Switzerland including electricity supplies and flights.

It’s no wonder the Swiss people are Eurosceptic, with support for joining the EU having fallen as low as 10% in recent polls.

Voters in EU27 countries cannot be fooled

Sooner or later we believe that EU citizens will start asking questions. One difficulty is the pro-EU nature of the majority of the media on the continent, but we have always argued that people aren’t idiots. Perhaps the truth is already dawning in some places.

Unlike other organisations we have never thought that either the EU’s or the Euro’s implosion was likely any time soon. That said, and as each year goes by and the problems mount, there may come a point when the peoples and the leaders of the EU27 countries decide that a fundamental restructuring is needed.

For the Facts4EU.Org team, it could never come soon enough. To have such an ideologically-extreme, undemocratic, and hostile power directing operations on the European continent is not in the best interests of the United Kingdom (to say nothing of the EU countries themselves), no matter how much the UK pivots away and pursues alliances more globally.

Footnote from Switzerland: Following our report yesterday, Facts4EU.Org received a complimentary email from colleagues from one of Switzerland's Eurosceptic organisations. They are grateful for British support.

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[ Sources: Swiss Federal Council | EU Commission | EU's 'European External Action Service' | Eurostat | Office for National Statistics | UK Home Office ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 29 May 2021

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