On Monday there were 3 UK deaths ‘with Covid’ and approx 1650 deaths without

There should be a full return to normal life - now

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The cost of the Covid overreaction by Government is far in excess of any supposed benefits

Facts4EU.Org is currently having to ration its normal research and output on important subjects due to a lack of funding. (See below.) As a result, today we can only publish a quick snapshot to reinforce the increasing urgency of calls from MPs and large sections of the public to end the lockdown now. Completely.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

  • No. of UK deaths ‘with Covid’, 28 Jun 2021: 3
  • Avg no. of UK daily deaths from all causes: 1,657
  • No. of UK patients ‘with Covid’ in hospital, 24 Jun 2021: 1505
  • Total no. of UK hospital beds: 163,873
  • Percentage of UK hospital patients ‘with Covid’ : 0.92%


In May last year (2020) the ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock promised a full cost-benefit analysis of the Covid measures which the Government was taking. We are still waiting.

Facts4EU.Org is certain (but with no proof as yet) that deaths as a consequence of the continued imposition of lockdown will now be far outweighing deaths where Covid-19 is stated as the actual cause of death. This is to say nothing of all the other disastrous consequences for our society in the coming years, not the least of which being the effect on our children and young people.

A majority of public opinion (according to polls) continues to believe that the lockdown should continue. With no effective scrutiny by the mainstream broadcast media and none of the important questions being asked, this is hardly surprising.

Added to this – and rarely mentioned – is the fact that in financial terms a large section of the population has been better off as a result of the State’s Covid measures. Those public sector workers not required on the frontline have been able to sit at home on full pay. Conversely, businesses have failed and millions of people in the private sector who were unable to claim any 80% ‘furlough’ payments have suffered severely.

The public has heard one side of the argument and that is the State’s version. Since its launch this month, GB News is the only British TV news channel questioning the orthodoxy, but it has a mountain to climb in overcoming 16 months of state propaganda.

We fully understand that many readers will not agree with our stance. All we can say is that on a daily basis for six years we have been analysing official data about the EU and its relations with the United Kingdom, and have presented our findings. We were not wrong about these. Now, when we occasionally look at the official Covid data, we are deeply troubled.

For the avoidance of doubt we most certainly believe in protecting the most vulnerable members of our society. If Mr Hancock had focused rather more on this, perhaps we would not have seen the appalling number of care home deaths.

We hope that even if you disagree currently about Covid, please keep an open mind, bear with us, and see what information begins to come out. We will continue to work on our mainstream work and hope to be able to publish a more normal report again tomorrow.

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[ Sources: Public Health England | PHE and Cambridge real-time pandemic surveillance model | Johns Hopkins Univ / OWID ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Wed 30 Jun 2021

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