England’s Kate versus Italy’s Sandra – the Vaccines2020 final

The UK’s Vaccine Queen vs. the EU’s Italian interpreter – a tale of two rollouts

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A Facts4EU.Org classic example of why the EU Commission can’t get anything right

With EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pumping out yet more fake news on Saturday, Facts4EU.Org compares and contrasts the heads of the vaccine programmes in the UK and the EU.

On Saturday the EU Commission President declared that:-

“I have good news for our European citizens today. The EU has kept its word. This week-end, we have delivered enough vaccines to Member States to be in a position to vaccinate fully at least 70% of EU adults still this month.”

“The EU delivers…. Our joint approach is a success.”

In a separate article Facts4EU.Org will demolish in detail any idea that Frau von der Leyen’s statement represents the reality of the EU Commission’s disastrous vaccine programme. Today, however, we will look at one example of why the EU Commission is the last organisation anyone would wish to hand over to, to deliver any serious policy objective.

England’s Kate versus Italy’s Sandra – the Vaccines2020 final

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Two women headed up the respective vaccines programmes for the UK and for the EU:
the English Kate Bingham and the Italian Sandra Gallina.

Below we summarise their experience for the task they faced.

Ursula von der Leyen’s appointee

Sandra Gallina joined the EU as an interpreter in May 1988, shortly after graduating in Italy. She was then able to move into an admin role before becoming involved in trade deals for the EU with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, where she stayed until she was appointed by the von der Leyen team to head its new vaccine procurement task.

In July 2020, she joined the EU’s Directorate-General Health and Food Safety (SANTE), and became its Director-General just three months later on 16 Oct.

Boris Johnson’s appointee

By contrast British Prime Minister appointed Kate (now Dame) Bingham to head up the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce.

Lady Bingham has worked for all of her life in businesses related to pharmaceuticals. We have taken her bio below from the world-renowned Francis Crick Institute, of which she is a Board Member.

Qualifications - Sandra Gallina

Sandra Gallina graduated in Italy with a degree in translating.

Qualifications - Kate Bingham

Lady Bingham graduated with a first-class degree in Biochemistry (MA) from Oxford.

She went on to gain an MBA from Harvard.

Experience in pharmaceuticals


Experience in pharmaceuticals

Kate Bingham joined SV Health Investors in 1991 and is one of the Managing Partners managing numerous venture capital funds, including the Impact Medicine Fund, Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), and one public fund (International Biotechnology Trust) for life sciences investing.

Kate co-leads biotech investments and activities and her investments include small-molecule, biotherapeutic and gene therapy drug discovery and development projects as well as drug discovery platforms in a broad range of clinical areas.

In her 30 years at SV, Kate’s biotech investments have resulted in the launch of six drugs for the treatment of patients with inflammatory and autoimmune disease and cancer.

Prior to joining SVHI Kate worked for Vertex Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


This report is not about vaccines themselves, about which readers' views will be mixed. This is about the avowed intentions of the UK Government and the EU Commission to roll out a vaccine programme as quickly as possible to their respective citizens.

The contrast between Ursula’s Italian choice and Boris’s world-beating English choice

Ms Gallina has a degree in translation. She had no previous experience of health policy, had no experience of the pharmaceutical industry, and no experience of contract negotiation with companies. She was therefore the perfect candidate for the job organising the EU’s vaccine procurement.

Lady Bingham has a first-class honours degree from Oxford in Biochemistry and an MBA from Harvard. She has worked in businesses related to pharmaceuticals all her life – including the business end. Unfortunately it is thought that Lady Bingham cannot translate confidently between Italian and French.

England win 2-0

Regarding the result tonight in the Euros2020 final, we are not football experts. When it comes to the England-Italy Vaccines2020 final, however, we would say that England won 2-0.

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[ Sources: EU Commission | Francis Crick Institute ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 11 Jul 2021

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