OFFICIAL: Actual Covid deaths are being over-reported by 42%, according to ONS data

Every death is a personal tragedy, but national numbers must reflect reality

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A Facts4EU.Org Sunday editorial containing important official facts


Everything that follows comes from official UK Government sources. We are a think tank whose reports are regularly quoted in national newspapers and by senior MPs. Nothing in the following contradicts any current Government Covid advice.

Facts4EU.Org has analysed the Covid-19 death figures using the latest available information from the Office for National Statistics, for the last four weeks ending 18 June 2021.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

In the last four weeks to 18 June in England and Wales:

  • All deaths: An average of 1,322 deaths per day from all causes
  • ‘Actual’ Covid deaths are running at only 0.7% of all daily deaths in England and Wales
  • Average 9.5 deaths per day ‘due to Covid’ (where Covid was the underlying cause of death)
  • Average 4.5 deaths per day where Covid was mentioned but was NOT the underlying cause of death
  • The BBC reports these deaths combined, which is 42% higher than ‘actual’ Covid deaths

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This compares to deaths from influenza and pneumonia in the same time frame:

  • Average 36 deaths per day ‘due to ’flu & influenza’ (where this was the underlying cause of death)
  • Average 149 deaths per day where ’flu & influenza was mentioned but was NOT the underlying cause of death
  • Deaths due to ’flu & influenza are currently running at 3.5 times the number of deaths due to Covid-19

Readers will of course bear in mind that this is the summer month of June, not the winter ‘flu season, yet ‘flu and influenza deaths are far in excess of Covid deaths.

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Statistical reminder: Scotland and Northern Ireland report their numbers separately and differently, and we do not have the resources to try to combine these in a meaningful fashion with those for England and Wales. We doubt that the ratios will be much different.

It’s not only the actual deaths being misreported, it’s also the totals over time

We would like to ask the BBC two simple questions:

  1. When did you ever combine total ‘flu deaths over two years? Never.
  2. So why do you do this for Covid? To make the numbers look more alarming?

Over and again, the BBC, Sky News and ITN have been reporting total ‘Covid deaths’ since Covid-19 was first known about. Readers will probably be familiar with a figure of around 135,000 being quoted, although the BBC have now been forced to downgrade this to 128,000.

Combining deaths from one year to the next does not happen with any other disease or condition. Annual figures are always used. In this way comparisons can be made from one year to the next, and – crucially – from one disease or condition compared to another. It is only in this way that we can seriously think about how limited health resources should be allocated.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Deaths 'due to Covid' in 2020 in England and Wales:

  • The official ONS number of ‘deaths where Covid is mentioned’ for 2020 in England & Wales : 80,830
  • The official ONS number of ‘deaths due to Covid’ last year : 73,444

What about the number of ‘cases’?

In general bulletins, the TV broadcasters seem to prefer not to talk about daily deaths. (Possibly because the numbers are so small.) Usually they focus on what they call ‘cases’. These aren’t cases at all – they are positive test results, regardless of whether the individuals concerned are actually sick. These figures have sometimes soared, purely because more people have been tested and not necessarily because more people are ill.

The term ‘case’ always used to be employed by doctors to indicate that a person was suffering from something for which medical intervention was required. A useful way to explain this is to imagine you catch the common cold. (Also a Coronavirus.) Would you expect to be tested and to be included in daily national figures as being a person having a ‘case’ of the common cold?

Some weeks ago the broadcast media got very excited about what was known as the Indian variant and which we must now call the ‘Delta variant’. This produced a spike in the infection rate, but the early (and daily) bulletins about this have failed to produce any meaningful increase in hospitalisations or deaths.


Covid deaths are being over-reported by 42%, according to ONS data

In any normal world our headline today might shock many people. Sadly we no longer live in a normal world.

For six years now on a 7-day a week basis, the Facts4EU.Org team has been engaged in data analysis and and the publishing of facts, shining a light on the EU and on some UK Government departments and agencies which have tried to present information in a way to suit their own ends and which misleads the public.

We consider it deeply regrettable that we have to apply ourselves occasionally to matters which should be incontrovertible. It is not unreasonable to expect that the public should be presented with true, basic facts about something such as Covid-19.

Isn't it high time for some post-Covid and post-Brexit freedom?

Tomorrow is 05 July - the date when the PM said data would be reviewed and the extension of State control on our personal freedoms and traditional civil liberties might end. In our view there’s certainly no justification to continue State control of our lives beyond tomorrow. The damage being done on a daily basis is far too great.

As the United Kingdom starts to exercise some of the sovereignty it has been ‘allowed’ by the EU, we would prefer to focus on the bright future ahead of us all. Wherever possible we will still do this. That said, we care about a fully free, fully independent, and fully sovereign UK that we can all be proud of. Sometimes this means looking critically at the future being planned for us, and the information on which this is based. There are still many battles to fight.

Finally, we would like to wish our American readers a happy Independence Day. When the United Kingdom as a whole gains its independence from the EU, we hope to celebrate our own version.

Facts4EU.Org and you

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[ Sources: Office for National Statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 04 Jul 2021

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