Boris goes in to bat against three EU “Presidents” today

What is the EU's “Brexit Transition Period” and why should the UK leave it asap?

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Boris, here’s a reminder of why you must stand firm against the EU ideologues

A Brexit Facts4EU.Org simple summary of what the Transition Period is and does

As Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and David Frost go into a virtual meeting with three of the EU’s many Presidents today, Brexit Facts4EU.Org offers a reminder of what the EU has imposed on the UK already, as part of the “Withdrawal Agreement”. This was originally negotiated by Mrs May and her group of pro-Remain civil servants, led by Olly Robbins, and signed by Boris Johnson in January 2020 with the only change being to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Today, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will re-confirm the message from the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, to the EU on Friday: The UK will NOT extend the Transition Period.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Short summary of some of the worst features of the Transition Period

  • The Transition Period keeps the people of the United Kingdom under the jurisdiction of foreign courts and judges, with no vote and no say
  • Without the review or consent of the UK Parliament, it requires complete obedience to all existing laws of the EU and any new laws passed since the UK “left the EU” on 31 Jan 2020
  • It requires all UK businesses – whether they export to the EU or not – to continue to comply with every rule, law and directive ever issued from Brussels
  • It requires the continued payment by the UK taxpayer to the EU Commission of many billions of pounds each year – with no say over how this money is spent
  • It requires the continued flow of hundreds of thousands of the EU27’s unemployed and employed citizens into the UK
  • It further requires that all relatives - born and unborn - of EU27 citizens living in the UK be granted full rights of entry, benefits, healthcare, education, elderly care, and all other rights of British citizens
  • It prevents the UK government from finalising trade deals with countries around the world
  • It prevents the British people having sovereignty over their own waters and their own fish
  • It prevents an independent tax and VAT policy
  • It severely restricts the United Kingdom’s foreign policy and the independence of its military

In short, the Transition Period is an abomination and must be ended as quickly as possible


In our opinion it beggars belief that anyone in their right mind could conceivably wish to extend the current status of the United Kingdom as a colony of the European Union, with no powers, no vote, and no veto.

Our American readers will be very familiar with the expression “no taxation without representation”. Is it not extraordinary that 250 years later, the United Kingdom itself has allowed itself to be put in this position?

We are Brexit Facts4EU.Org. No surrender. No prisoners.

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[ Sources: The Withdrawal Treaty Act | No.10 ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 15 June 2020

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