They think it’s all over…. It isn’t - not yet

The talk in Westminster is now of a “60% Brexit deal” with the EU

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After more than four years of fighting for freedom, would you accept this?

Rumours abound in Westminster all the time. Most of them are pure bunkum, used to sell newspapers. Some of them are kite-flying by non-insiders, pretending that a different narrative is now preferred, to influence opinions of lawmakers and the public alike. Sometimes, however, these “unattributable sources” are used to soften up the public to a result which is less than optimal.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org has always been on its guard against the relentless march of Remainerism and undue compromise, but never excessively so.

Is any form of compromise on the cards?

In that vein, we would like to alert readers to the rumours that David Frost has been talking to MPs about some form of “60% deal” which might be struck with the EU.

We have a lot of time for David Frost. He has stood up tall and strong against the endless witterings of Michel Barnier. Nevertheless it never hurts to stiffen the sinews.

We know that in the last four plus years many readers have done sterling work in writing to their MPs and posting comments on every site they read, fighting for a clean Brexit and a fully-free and independent United Kingdom.

Might we suggest that now would not be a bad time to do so again? We are not for one minute saying that the Government will cave in on its commitments, merely that some reinforcement from the public might not go amiss.

Back in 2018 Brexit Facts4EU.Org launched “The Brexit Battle Pack and Toolbox”

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In the dark days of 2018 we launched an initiative designed to pressure MPs to respect the result of the 2016 EU Referendum. This “Brexit Battle Pack and Toolbox” was used by ordinary people up and down the land. We don’t know how many MPs were contacted and in what quantities, but judging by our mailbag at the time it was substantial and our readers made a difference.

As we approach the endgame in the talks between the UK and the EU, we are suggesting that readers might once again want to take up the mantle and write to the Prime Minister, David Frost (same address), their MP, their MP’s constituency association, and the media.

Once again we must stress that letters are far more powerful than emails. Letters have a physical presence which lingers. Emails are received in their thousands by MPs every day, but letters are fewer and so have more impact. And our Pack has all the details you need.

One last push

For many people Brexit has been a long journey – far longer than was expected. We’re nearly there. We just need one final push to ensure we get the Brexit we voted for. If you want to see a fully-free, sovereign, and independent United Kingdom, we urge you to take a look at the excellent advice contained within the “Brexit Battle Pack and Toolbox

You will find a summary page, and in the top right there is a set of links to each section. You’ll find the most comprehensive set of advice and details anywhere. There’s a lot to take in, but if you want your voice to be effective we highly recommend reading it all.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org

We suggest the overall message is “No compromises please, we want the full Brexit and a fully-free, sovereign, and independent United Kingdom.”

Please be courteous and please be positive (no point harking back to Mrs May’s catastrophic leadership or to the abominable Withdrawal Agreement). Please urge your MP to pressure the Government to ensure we get the ‘full monty’ that we voted for.

Ultimately the power lies in your hands. We hope you will use it. Thank you.


David Frost has quite rightly won many plaudits for his work in negotiating against the ideological zealots of the EU.

For more than four years Brexit Facts4EU.Org has argued that the EU would never do a sensible deal with the UK, and we maintain our position. For the EU this was always political, it was never economic. As Jean-Claude Juncker, then EU Commission President, said on the day of the Referendum result: "This will not be an amicable divorce."

He meant it and the EU has never negotiated in good faith ever since. Their agenda was set from the very beginning. Fine. We'll see who comes out on top in the years to come.

We sincerely hope that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, David Frost, and the Government will stick to their guns. If they do, their political fortunes will be secured. If they don't, to quote the old song, "There may be trouble ahead."

Our Brexit Battle Pack and Toolbox took a lot of time to create. We hope you will use it one last time. Thank you.

If you can help us to keep going and see this through, we need donations now. Quick and secure methods are below. Your donation is confidential unless you expressly tell us that you are happy to be acknowledged, and you will receive a friendly personal email from a member of our team, thanking you.

[ Sources: The Brexit Facts4EU.Org Battle Pack and Toolbox ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 30 July 2020

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