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Be fully informed in these last 6 months before the UK leaves the EU’s ‘Transition Period’

In response to requests, in 2018 we launched the online Brexit Index – the largest repository of Brexit facts in the world.

Using the online Brexit Index you can source almost any fact you are likely to want to know about the EU and the UK’s departure from it, to become a free, independent, and sovereign country once again. These are critical months as we head for the exit gate – make sure you have all the facts!

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Over 1,500 researched articles on all aspects of Brexit

The largest Brexit factual resource in the world

Facts have never lost their relevance in the whole Brexit process. If anything they are more important than ever now, and in the times that are coming.

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What Is The Brexit Index?

The Brexit Index has been built from the daily research published by Brexit Facts4EU.Org. These facts come mostly from the EU itself, and also from the British government, from official agencies such as the ONS, and sometimes from international organisations such as the IMF, World Bank, OECD, etc.

You can find tens of thousands of facts organised by categories and sub-categories, and with a search option if you subscribe to the Advanced version. You get quick access to the key facts - and many more details if you want. Read about all the major issues and themes surrounding Brexit, from over 1,500 articles.

The Brexit Index is comprehensive, easy to use, and there's nothing like it out there. It took months to produce from the accumulation of years of work, and is constantly being updated.

What Does The Brexit Index Look Like?

Register for free and you’ll be able to get a flavour through the free public access you gain. It only needs your name, email address and then you set up your own password.

Below we present a couple of screengrabs, to give you a flavour.


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The first shows the major categories and the second shows a view that a Standard User will see in one of these categories, with various sub-categories being available.

The Brexit Index Comes In 4 Versions

Find the key information you want on any aspect of Brexit – fast!

  1. ‘Public’ – FREE
    Try the Brexit Index for free. One article per category, to give you a flavour.
  2. ‘Standard’ - £5.95 / month
    An absolute 'must-have' for all Brexiteers. Selection of key articles, fast facts, sortable by date, title and access level. Single individual monthly licence. Cancel at any time.
  3. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - ‘Advanced’ - £12.95 / month – with Search
    Contains ALL our facts (approx three times as many as the Standard access), sortable by date, title, and access level, plus search function included. Single individual monthly licence. Cancel at any time.
  4. ‘Pro VIP’ version - £250 /month – with Search
    Full VIP access available to major Brexit campaigning organisations and to the mainstream media. Contains the key research articles for each topic with our observations, plus many sub-topics allowing you to find more specific information at a click. Allows 2 licences per sponsorship. Discounts available for smaller organisations.

We strongly recommend the Advanced version, with all the articles and with its search function!

Please note that the Standard and Advanced versions are for members of the public or small local Brexit groups. These options are not available to anyone involved in a national Brexit-related organisation. All national Brexit organisations and the media must contact us for Pro VIP access.

Please also note that you can cancel at any time and you will not be billed for subsequent months.

Looks great! How do I sponsor the Brexit Index and get access?

This is easy. Decide between Standard or Advanced access, then use the donation system below. You will receive your log-in details by email, generally within 12 hours.

By subscribing to the Brexit Index, you are helping to fund all our activities
aimed at achieving a clean Brexit NOW.

The Brexit Index holds the largest number of Brexit facts in one place, anywhere!

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The Public – and MPs - deserve the facts on Brexit

The Brexit Index delivers the most definitive source of easily findable facts on all aspects of Brexit. We hope you will support this major tool in the fight to achieve the full clean Brexit that the majority of the British public voted for - and still want to see delivered.

Can you give this project some 'people power' today?

You will gain access to the best Brexit facts facility out there and at the same time you will be supporting our work in defending freedom of speech and achieving a fully-free and sovereign United Kingdom as quickly as possible. Thank you so much.

P.S. We hate asking for donations for a resource as essential as the Brexit Index but we don't have corporate donors, unlike some sites, and in the last five years members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team have put in as much as they can. Thank you for your understanding.

[ Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever. ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 19 July 2020

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