The book ‘Everything Brexit’ is now available as a FREE PDF download

This book was so popular to read online yesterday, we added a free PDF download option

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Yours to have and keep – the fact-packed book ‘Everything Brexit’ by William Dartmouth - completely FREE

(If you missed it, our first article about this book is available here)

Yesterday, Saturday 15 August 2020, Brexit Facts4EU.Org gave readers the opportunity to read a new book about Brexit – online and completely FREE. The reaction was universally positive, and many readers then asked if it would be possible to download a PDF version of the book, to keep and read at their leisure.

Today, thanks to popular demand, the author has agreed to make his book available as FREE PDF download. We are pleased to present this option to our readers.

NEW! - DOWNLOAD the free PDF copy of ‘Everything Brexit’ by William Dartmouth
Completely FREE and with NO SIGN-UP required
(Download takes around 30 seconds, depending on your internet speed. After clicking the above link please be patient and the PDF will eventually open.)

To read it ONLINE all you have to do is click here. (No sign-up required)

At 264 pages there is something for everyone in William Dartmouth’s book

William Dartmouth had a ringside seat on Brexit for the crucial decade up to 2019 as an elected Member of the European Parliament; almost all that time as a Group Coordinator (in US parlance “ranking member”) on the European Parliament’s Committee for International Trade.

As the Brexit trade talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union reach their dramatic conclusion in the coming weeks, what better way to be prepared than by owning this book?


The author of ‘Everything you always wanted to know about Brexit but never dared ask’, William Dartmouth, is pleased with its very positive reception after we ran our first article yesterday.

Many of you asked in the comments and by email if it would be possible to download the book, to have and to keep as your own personal copy. Today, with the permission of the author, we have provided just that facility.

We hope you enjoy it.

Finally, work like this is more time-consuming than it looks. Such a book might cost £9.99 on Amazon. Here at Brexit Facts4EU.Org you get it completely free, thanks to the author’s generosity and to our work in bringing it to you. If you feel that a small donation to Brexit Facts4EU.Org might be appropriate, then you will find fast, secure, and confidential donation methods below this article.

We need you to survive, and to keep fighting for a fully-free, independent, and sovereign United Kingdom. Thank you.

[ Sources: William Dartmouth ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sun 16 Aug 2020

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