Who will Brexiteers vote for in six weeks’ time?

On 12 Dec, all those who want Brexit delivered will have to make a choice

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We now know that we will all have to make a decision on 12 December 2019

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Which party and/or which candidate? The vital choice for Brexit

  1. Questions for readers – how will you decide?
  2. Our stance – non-partisan on domestic policies, but committed on Brexit
  3. What we intend to deliver to you in the next six weeks
  4. The definitive list on MPs, how they voted, and their constituency Leave percentages
  5. The Brexit Facts4EU.Org ‘Brexit Seal of Approval’ for MPs and candidates

Below we start by posing some questions for readers

  • Does Brexit trump all?
  • Or do a party’s domestic policies play a key part in your decision?
  • If Brexit is the main factor, what type of Brexit?
  • A clean break Brexit or Boris Johnson’s quasi-Brexit?
  • If there are two clear pro-Brexit candidates (TBP and Conservative), do you risk splitting the vote?
  • What if the Conservative candidate has a large majority but is a Remainer?
  • What about Labour candidates, if they clearly come out for Brexit but the party policy is Remain?

What readers get from us – thoughts in the context of the General Election

Brexit Facts4EU.Org’s raison d’etre is of course the delivery of a free, independent and sovereign United Kingdom, exiting the EU as quickly as possible. Our number one priority has always been to research and publish official and incontrovertible facts about the EU and Brexit, mostly researched from the EU itself.

As a group we have always been non-partisan regarding domestic policies, even if some team members might have strong views on these. Our focus has always been on Brexit, which is why we have been unable to support the LibDems in any way. With Labour we have supported individual MPs such as Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer, and have reached out to Labour Leave on several occasions.

We have been scathing about all MPs who stood on manifestos in the 2017 election, then quite cynically tore up these pro-Brexit policies which they promised to their electorates. This applies to all MPs but very strongly to Conservative arch-Remainer MPs. As for MPs who have gone on to switch parties numerous times in the last year, without putting themselves back up for re-election, words almost fail us.

What readers can expect from us in the next six weeks

We hope to be able to continue our vital work, but what follows is predicated on receiving a higher level of donations than we currently receive. In particular we would like to ask the many thousands of readers who have never donated before, to consider doing so now. (Quick and secure methods are below this article.)

We now have a huge amount to do – here are our priorities:-

  • Complete our set of ‘one-pagers’ – PDFs on the key Brexit topics with the main facts and figures
  • We are happy to work with pro-Brexit candidates who wish to incorporate these facts into their campaigning
  • Continuing our unique daily output of well-researched news about the EU and Brexit
  • Re-activating our ‘Brexit Seal of Approval’ for candidates – see below
  • Continuing our cooperation with 30 other Brexit organisations, to maximise efforts and their effectiveness

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org ‘Brexit Seal of Approval’

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - example of earlier work

We have highly-detailed records of the way MPs voted on all the key motions in Parliament, and have ranked them along with the Leave/Remain percentages in their constituencies. Now we have to look at these again, in the light of defections to other parties, as well as removing MPs who will not contest the coming General Election.

We intend to publish this updated work when it is completed. We will decide whether to allocate our ‘Brexit Seal of Approval’ to each candidate and as ever we welcome readers’ feedback on this. We used this successfully in June, as regular readers will remember.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - example of our earlier work - click to enlarge

This time we are considering a simple two-tier Seal of Approval to appeal to all voters

This would involve one seal for those candidates supporting a Clean Break Brexit and one for candidates supporting the Prime Minister’s proposed EU Withdrawal Treaty. Again, we welcome readers’ views on this.

The alternative is to use the ‘Brexit Charge’ meter method, similar to the one we produced several months ago. In effect this is a 1-5 ranking of MPs and candidates based on how sound they are on Brexit overall, using all published information.

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org - an example of our earlier work


We have many thousands of readers, including some highly influential ones. These readers include supporters of the Conservative Party, the Brexit Party, the Labour Party, smaller parties, and those who are unaligned. We are also read in Brussels and in other countries around the world, and our social media presence reaches very large numbers.

Continuing to appeal across the board means we can never satisfy everyone, but we will do our best to be fair and inclusive.

Many of you let us know your views in private using our email form and some use our public comments systems below. We read everything.

  • We can play an influential role
  • Please support our work with a donation
  • We do not have expensive London offices and secretaries
  • And we do far more behind the scenes than you see on this site
  • We always keep your details totally confidential to us

Thank you.

[ Sources: House of Commons voting records | Previous Brexit Facts4EU.Org articles and artwork ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 30 Oct 2019

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