“What did YOU do in the Great Brexit Independence War,
Mummy and Daddy?”

We start looking at what all Brexiteers can do now

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A Brexit Facts4EU.Org campaigning article

If we don’t fight, we won’t win. Over the past three years and four months since the British public voted to leave the EU, this has become increasingly obvious to Leavers.

In this article we look at what works in the fight for independence, democracy, and freedom. We also look at what you could do to help.

Intelligent facts, powering the arguments

Our forte is facts. Brexit facts. Cold, hard, intelligent facts researched from official sources, mostly from the EU itself. Eye-opening facts from which only one logical conclusion is possible: the United Kingdom must leave the EU and be a fully-independent country.

Following our daily work before and during the Referendum campaign we were alone in carrying on, publishing on the 24th of June 2016 and on every single day since. We never believed for one moment that the fight was over. We also knew (and wrote at the time) that the EU would never agree to any sensible departure arrangements, because it is run by political ideologues.

The press took an interest

For our first two-and-a-half years of operation we left campaigning to other groups who were dedicated to this task.

We felt that we could best support the cause by being the engine, churning out simple and well-researched facts for use by large campaigning groups and politicians.

We did so because no-one else was doing this. Interestingly we started getting our own press coverage in the national press – without even having the resources to promote our work properly.

In the middle of 2018 we realised that this was not enough.

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Intelligent campaigning, to get the facts out there

Despite having no resources we began campaigning, starting with a letters campaign to all members of the May Cabinet ahead of the infamous Chequers meeting. We also started talking more and more to MPs. All of our campaigns have relied on demonstrable and well-researched official facts, not rhetoric.

Since then we have run numerous campaigns, including targeted campaigns at MPs representing strongly-Leave constituencies. We also used our research to hit Labour Remain MPs, and it is interesting that so many have now veered away from official Labour Party policy on Brexit.

In all these campaigns, we relied on our readers to promote them and to take up the detailed suggestions in our ‘Brexit Battle Pack’, to ensure the efforts were as effective as possible. We published detailed lists of MPs, with their General Election majorities, their voting records, and the Leave majorities in their constituencies.

In April we hit all MPs with hard facts

In April this year (2019) we even undertook a major exercise and got an information pack hand-delivered into the House of Commons pigeon-holes of almost 600 MPs. This contained a letter and six of our famous ‘one-pagers’ on the key Brexit topics.

This was a massive exercise and it was expensive. We hoped that donations might cover the costs, but despite generosity from some readers we suffered yet another loss.

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Coming tomorrow

Tomorrow we look at what you CAN do, and why it’s worth it. We will offer practical suggestions, based on experience. You do NOT want to miss this if you feel frustrated, if you want to make a difference, and if you want to see Brexit finally delivered.


A big thank you to those readers who have helped

We can’t even begin to express our appreciation to those readers who have helped, either with printing and posting letters themselves, or making donations. Aside from this practical help, we also wish to thank all readers who have sent us emails. Your messages of encouragement have been wonderful and in some cases they kept us going in the darkest hours.

We have been doing this work on a seven day-a-week basis for four years. Day in, day out, working very unsociable hours.

We do not have big funders, only members of the public who have kindly donated either sporadically or - in a small number of cases - on a monthly basis. Unfortunately these donations haven’t nearly covered our costs and team members have made enormous sacrifices to keep things going.

All Brexit organisations ask for your money

We know this. People can only give so much and it’s difficult to know which Brexit organisations to support.

Frankly, we hate asking for donations. It’s probably the worst thing we have to do, other than having to listen to Remainer MPs, to unelected EU officials like Monsieur Barnier or Herr Juncker, or to Mijneer Guy Verhofstadt.

If every reader today gave £10, we could immediately bring back team members who have had to go back to their day jobs, and we could do SO much more. Yes, it would still be a tiny fraction of the vast sums donated by global financiers to the Remain campaign, but we can be smarter.

We do not have expensive London offices, we do not employ secretaries, we do not have expense accounts, and we do not put on rallies. We focus on intelligent and effective ways of delivering the Brexit and independence messages to MPs and the public. Ways which make a difference.

Unfortunately experience tells us that less than 1% of our many thousands of readers have been able to donate.

Brexit has had many false dawns. (Remember 29 March 2019?) No-one knows what will happen in the next 10 days. Even if the UK ‘leaves’ on 31 October, we will be facing 14 months at the absolute minimum of protracted wrangling with the EU. And let’s be honest, no-one thinks the EU is remotely capable of agreeing a trade deal in under five years.

Facts matter. Focused campaigning matters. You can have a real influence. Please help us with a donation today. Quick and secure donation options are below this article.

And please read our article tomorrow on practical things everyone can do to help Brexit to happen!

[ Sources: Brexit Facts4EU.Org ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 21 October 2019

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