The tunnel leading to a cave-in - Everyone is currently in the dark

What will we see when Boris turns on the light?

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Brexit Facts4EU.Org’s reflections ahead of the final outcome

Let’s face it, it’s a guessing game right now. ‘Tunnel’ negotiations continue to drag on in Brussels, with only bits and pieces leaking out. Read the papers, watch the news, and no-one really knows the content of the new EU-UK Treaty.

Sadly we know

Okay, so we don’t know all the details, but we know some and we have a pretty good idea of the outline. The main reason we know is because we understand the sclerotic, anti-democratic, dictatorial, totalitarian, open-bordered, empiricist, protectionist, hypocritical, autocratic, and ideological nightmare that is the EU.

A little harsh? Perhaps, but our view is based on four years of intense, seven-day-a-week study of this thing they call the European Union. Alone amongst all Brexit organisations our group has pumped out original, self-produced, and self-researched work since before the EU Referendum – on a daily basis.

We are just ‘ordinary people’. The best we hoped for was to cover our costs, and we admit abject failure in that department. We had no desire for careers in journalism, paid punditry on the BBC and Sky News, nor careers in politics. We simply have a love of the United Kingdom and a desire to see it once again be democratic, free and independent.

We had all hoped to go back to working full-time in our day-jobs and to leading normal family lives last March, but unfortunately Mrs May made that impossible. Some of the team have already had to do this, however.

The cave-in at the end of the tunnel

At some point in the next few days, the EU and the UK Government will have to release the details of the revised Withdrawal Treaty and Political Declaration. This will not be a new Treaty. It will be a revision of Mrs May’s thrice-defeated Remain version of Brexit.

We predict with absolute certainty that this new Treaty will not free the United Kingdom from the tentacles of the European Union. It will contain wholly unacceptable clauses, shackling the UK and preventing it from acting as an independent country.

Yes, it will contain some improvements because – let’s face it – it could hardly do otherwise. But it won’t represent a bright Brexit light at the end of the tunnel.

How can we be so sure?

We say this because the EU made it clear from the start that they could never allow a member country to exit without punishment. They might have denied this officially but ordinary British people have now seen it, despite the attempts of the broadcast media to hide or obfuscate the truth.

From the EU Commission President’s instant reaction on 24 June 2016 that “This will not be an amicable divorce” to the EU Council President’s assertion this year that “There will be a special place in hell” for those who campaigned to leave – these things cannot be unsaid, and nor should they be forgotten.

From the word go, Brexit Facts4EU.Org argued that the EU would never agree a sensible, normal deal with the UK. The economics suggested they would, but we knew this was always going to be about politics. And politics – and manipulation and indoctrination of the entire geo-political and social landscape of a large part of Europe - has always been what the EU has been about from its earliest days.

What will “the Spartans” do?

It’s symptomatic of the Europhile malaise that has gripped British metropolitan society that the few MPs who stood up for a true respect for the democratic decision of the British public in 2016 are now referred to as ‘Spartans’.

These MPs are not Spartans. They represent the majority who voted to leave the EU. They are democrats, as all MPs should be.

Worn down by more than three years of fighting, we see all the signs that the majority of them will acquiesce, albeit reluctantly, and vote for the new Treaty. This doesn’t mean it will pass, because of the majority Remainer House of Commons, but it makes it more likely.

The last time we wrote such a thing was just before the votes for Mrs May’s disastrous Surrender Treaty, in February and March of this year. Our editor received a Friday evening tirade from a senior Conservative ‘Spartan’ as a result. The reality is that our prediction was correct. The majority of Eurosceptic MPs folded, including Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, and they voted for Mrs May’s Surrender Treaty when it was presented for the third time.

What is your view, dear reader?

There are many places in the mainstream media where pro-Brexit correspondents are now saying that we must be pragmatic. 'Better to support something which is now closer to Brexit than to lose it altogether.' We completely understand the arguments.

We would like to know your views. If the new Withdrawal Treaty still constrains the UK from being free and independent, would you support it because “we have no choice”? Or would you hold the line?


Regular readers will know that we do not write too many editorial pieces. We had to write the above, even if it will annoy many of our MP readers. Yes, it contains speculation, but we have never been wrong on this sort of thing before.

We very much hope that we are wrong this time.

Tomorrow we will publish the seventh factsheet in our Brexit Fightback Initiative series. Packed with facts researched from official sources, this factsheet blows the lid off the myths surrounding the EU's Customs Union.

[ Sources: EU Commission | EU Council ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 17 Oct 2019

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