VIDEO: “I believe that this Thursday can be our country's Independence Day”

We take a look back at happier days

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This was the Prime Minister on 21 June 2016

During the 2016 UK referendum, two designated official campaigns led the way. One for Remain and one to Leave the EU. The Leave camp also had a major unofficial campaign called Leave.EU, fronted by Nigel Farage. In this article, Brexit Facts4EU.Org takes a brief but positive look back at the closing remarks of Boris Johnson at the BBC EU Debate on 21 June, 2016.

The British electorate can sometimes lose sight of the democratic victory which was achieved against all odds. Our democratically elected Parliament had a majority of Remain-voting MPs, who thereafter attempted to subvert the will of the majority electorate. (An extensive list of all we were up against may be found in a previous article).

Boris leading the Leave charge

It is generally considered that Boris Johnson was the leading speaker of the Official Leave campaign. Voters on both sides of the argument knew why they voted, as they do in all other elections/referenda, and Mr Johnson’s closing speech in 2016 was clear.

Three days later the largest mandate in British history instructed Parliament to "Leave the European Union”. A pointless 2017 general election backed up the 2016 referendum, where the main parties guaranteed they would honour the referendum result, and over 80% of the electorate voted in good faith for MPs on this basis.

It was understood we would exit EU political institutions and remain on friendly terms, but NOT be governed by Brussels. The referendum result could have gone either way. In those halcyon days it was a given that either result would have been accepted under the convention of 'losers’ consent'.

Sadly, parliamentarians have since changed the rules and have ignored our longstanding democratic values because we didn't give them the result they wanted.

The following short video shows the winding-up speech given by an optimistic Boris Johnson, and reminds all readers why we voted.

© YouTube / BBC

Whether one voted Remain or Leave, there can be little doubt Boris Johnson gave an uplifting speech of how beneficial our leaving will be for the UK, and also for all those in the EU27 who have no possibility of voting for their own freedom.


Below is a transcript of Mr Johnson’s speech, for those unable to watch the video as they read this article.

"At the end of this campaign, I think you'll agree, there is a very clear choice between those on their [Remain] side who speak of nothing but fear of the consequences of leaving the EU and we on our [Leave] side who offer hope. Between those who have been endlessly rubbishing our country and running it down, and those of us who believe in Britain.

"They say we can't do it, we say we can. They say we have no choice but to bow down to Brussels. We say they are woefully underestimating this country and what it can do.

"If we Vote Leave we can take back control of our borders, of huge sums of money - £10 billion a year net, of our tax raising powers, of our trade policy, and of our whole lawmaking system, the democracy that is the foundation of our prosperity. And if we stand up for democracy we will be speaking up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who agree with us but who currently have no voice.

"And if we Vote Leave and take back control, I believe that this Thursday [23 June, 2016] can be our country's Independence Day”.

This closing speech by Boris [now Prime Minister] Johnson ends with huge cheers of approval before a large audience.

BBC bias

Finally, take a look at our picture at the top of this article again. Note the BBC's use of a blue and gold backdrop - the colours of the EU flag. It seems the BBC just wanted to be clear to viewers about which way they should vote, regardless of anything Boris Johnson might say.


It’s extraordinary to think that Mr Johnson gave that speech over three years and four months ago. Brexit Facts4EU.Org continued publishing the day after the Referendum and every day since, as we didn’t believe that the result would be implemented properly by a Remainer Establishment.

That said, even we did not believe we would experience the shameful behaviour of a Remain-dominated Parliament to the extent we have witnessed for more than three years. We can only hope that the coming election will clear out some of the disgraceful individuals who have betrayed democracy in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately a significant number of these people will be returned to Parliament. Clearly the SNP, LibDems, Plaid Cymru, and the Greens are beyond the pale. The vast majority of Labour Party candidates also fall into the ‘block Brexit’ category. One of our biggest concerns is how the Conservative Party are allowing extremist and anti-democratic arch-Remoaner MPs to stand for re-election.

We will name and shame these individuals when the full lists of candidates are definitively known.

Gearing up for the election

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[ Sources: YouTube ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 08 Nov 2019

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