Theresa May now backs proportional representation?

Does this Prime Minister have any principles left?

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Newspapers are being told by ‘Government sources’ that Mrs May will impose a series of ‘definitive votes’ in Parliament in the coming two weeks if an agreement is not reached with Labour.

These votes will aim to produce a consensus for an option about Brexit which commands a majority in the House. Unlike the last series of ‘indicative votes’, however, it seems that the Government is proposing to introduce a form of proportional representation (PR) into the procedure.

Whilst the details have not been announced, official sources are saying that a process of sequential votes will be proposed, with the least popular option being eliminated each time until one option commands more than 50% of MPs’ votes.

Bizarre beyond belief?

In the bizarre political world we now live in, no-one has yet pointed out that if this proceeds, Mrs May will be imposing a PR system of voting in a House of Commons which otherwise relies on the ‘first past the post’ (FPTP) system for MPs to be elected.

One might have expected howls of “hypocrisy!” from the smaller political parties which have suffered under the FPTP system in general elections. So far there has been silence on the matter.

For many decades both the Conservative and Labour parties have strenuously resisted all attempts to change to a PR system of voting in general elections. Yet now it seems that Mrs May, clutching at straws, is preparing to give up one of her few remaining principles in order to get some form of her abominable surrender treaty accepted.

Her record shows that she has voted against a PR system in all motions on this matter in Parliament. But then, she also told us over 100 times that we would be leaving the EU on 29 March 2019….

The fundamental flaw

In addition to the question of a PR system is the far more important question of democracy.

In considering a series of ‘definitive votes’, it must be remembered that this is only likely to be imposed by Mrs May because she and the majority of MPs are betraying the most fundamental principle of all.

The people voted in 2016. They were told that their decision would be final. And yet a few hundred MPs think they know better and want to deny the people the outcome they voted for.

If MPs had simply respected the result of the EU Referendum, and had been true to their manifesto promises and to their own votes to trigger Article 50, and had been true to their votes when they passed the Withdrawal Bill, the UK would have left the European Union on 29 March 2019.


The problem isn’t Brexit. It isn’t about this option or that option. The problem is our MPs.

They simply refuse to accept the result of the largest democratic exercise in British history.

We urge all readers to take advantage of the information available on our Go-WTO and Brexit Battle Pack pages, and send a physical, posted letter to your MP today. Actual letters, rather than emails, can not be ignored!

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 14 May 2019

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