EXCLUSIVE : “A stitch-up to Remain,” says Brexiteer MP Anne Marie Morris

“Would they? Dare they?”

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The MP for Newton Abbot in Devon writes exclusively for Brexit Facts4EU.Org

“This is now serious. No Brexit, no faith in politics or politicians, democracy at risk, a government that cannot govern… How much worse can it get?”

- Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbot

Brexit Facts4EU.Org presents the thoughts of the rock-solid, democratic MP for Newton Abbot on the likely events ahead of us in Parliament.

Anne Marie Morris MP has been resolute for Brexit, voting against Mrs May’s surrender treaty on all three occasions when it came before Parliament.

Article by Anne Marie Morris MP

“Indicative vote? A stitch-up to Remain? Leave must mean Leave!”

14 May 2019

Is the new round of indicative votes just Groundhog Day again? No it’s much more serious.

Having failed to get her deal over the line and reluctant to try again, it seems the PM will bring a series of indicative votes on Brexit options to the House of Commons once more. Third time lucky?

This time the proposal is that votes should be cumulative. So, given that there is one option for Leave and lots of options for Remain, how is that democratic or even representative of the will of the people let alone the House, which is slowly waking up to the fact that the country won’t have this stitch-up?!

So what might these “Brexit” options be?

And which ones will the all powerful Mr Speaker allow votes on?

No doubt attempts will be made to exclude a no deal WTO outcome, arguing that this has already been ruled out. Oh no it hasn’t!

We just need a strong leader to deliver it. On the table it must stay!

A customs union - however you want to describe or mis-describe it - will be there - so far the most popular option across the House. Yet this option, specifically ruled out by both major parties in their manifestos, will prevent us from entering into new trade deals with third-party countries, thereby removing the financial Brexit dividend at a stroke. I can’t see the Single Market being on the ballot paper but you never know.

And then there will be the spoiler options - a second referendum, an affirmative vote, not no deal - or not leaving at all by revoking article 50.

Whatever comes of these indicative votes, where does it take us?

If any option is picked other than no deal, new legislation will have to go through all stages in both Houses. I can’t see this being any more realistic an option to achieve than the current deal. Unless of course Theresa May, the chief whip, and Mr Speaker stitch it up by ignoring long-standing precedents and creating new ones.

Would they? Dare they?

So Groundhog Day goes full circle and we start again.

This great country of ours cannot wait forever for an answer. While our economy remains remarkably robust, businesses need to make investment decisions and soon. To do that they need certainty. The small businesses in Britain are taking the brunt of this uncertainty as their customers freeze their order books. Any indicative vote is not going to deliver Brexit, if it delivers anything at all.

This is now serious. No Brexit, no faith in politics or politicians, democracy at risk, a government that cannot govern - it has no working majority - how much worse can it get?

There is only one very simple way forward to a better brighter future - a prime minister with the courage to deliver no deal. No deal, no fuss, no uncertainty, no more Groundhog Day. The mistake was ever to try to make Brexit anything other than binary.

Leave really does mean Leave - let’s get on with it!

About Anne Marie Morris MP

Anne Marie Morris has been the MP for Newton Abbot in Devon since 2010 when she took the seat from the LibDems. In that time she has grown her majority consistently, from 523 votes in 2010, to 11,288 in 2015, to 17,160 in 2017. This is an extraordinary performance from any MP.

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Ms Morris was the only pro-Brexit Conservative MP not to back the Brady amendment on 29 Jan 2019. All other members of the ERG did so. In voting against this amendment, Ms Morris defied the party whip.

This ‘Brady’ amendment effectively accepted the Prime Minister’s atrocious Withdrawal Agreement (WA), and asked for “alternative arrangements to avoid a hard border”. In simple terms this means accepting all the unacceptable aspects of the WA, provided a compromise could be reached on the Backstop.


Anne Marie Morris is quite right to highlight the dangers of a ‘stitch-up to Remain’. Newspapers are being told by ‘Government sources’ that Mrs May will impose a series of ‘definitive votes’ in the coming two weeks if an agreement is not reached with Labour.

We look at this in more detail in the following article: “Theresa May now backs proportional representation?”

Brexit Facts4EU.Org continues to adopt a party-neutral position. If you can help to keep us going with a donation, the quick and secure methods to do this are below.

[ Sources : Anne Marie Morris MP ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 14 May 2019

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