Mrs May jets off to see unelected undertaker, returns with sticking plaster for a cadaver

All the documents and statements, plus the Brexit Facts4EU.Org analysis

May and Juncker

© EU Commission

We have studied the documents issued in Strasbourg, Brussels and London at around 10pm yesterday evening. Our opinion is that nothing fundamental has changed, which was always the expected outcome.

The deal is still a corpse, only now it has had a sticking plaster applied to it.

Basic facts and documents

As a result of the continued discussions over the past few months, there have been no changes to the Withdrawal Agreement itself. This contravenes the so-called ‘Brady Amendment’ which was approved by the Commons two weeks ago and which asked for ‘alternative arrangements’.

Unelected EU bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker said last night:

“The Instrument which sets out these details has legal force while fully respecting the Guidelines the European Council has unanimously agreed. It complements the Withdrawal Agreement without reopening it.

Bizarrely he then dictated to the UK Parliament and to the British people :

“Let us be crystal clear about the choice: it is this deal or Brexit might not happen at all.”

There will be a further document in the form of a unilateral declaration by the UK. At the time of writing this has not yet been published, but by virtue of it being unilateral it is not something agreed to by the EU. It will not be part of the legal text of the agreement.


At the time of writing (03.30am, Tues 12 Mar 2019) no official legal opinions have been published, neither by the Attorney General Geoffrey ‘Codpiece’ Cox QC MP, nor by the ‘Star Chamber’ of the ERG’s lawyers

Frankly we don’t need to see them after what we have read. Mrs May’s deal was a plague-ridden corpse last year and no amount of nursing care was ever going to turn it into a vibrant, living, Brexit entity.

There was never a hope that this would work

It has always been the Brexit Facts4EU.Org position that all the fundamentals of this negotiation were wrong from the moment of the Government’s first capitulation in early 2017.

It was then that they accepted the EU’s bizarre sequencing of what could be discussed, and it was then that they agreed that all talks would take place in the opponent’s headquarters.

It was all downhill from there.

The sticking plaster on the cadaver

This day and the coming two days will be of great interest to all who follow politics closely. The machinations in Parliament will be pored over endlessly by the media, and by the commentariat.

We would simply remark that the British people voted to leave the EU.

Under no circumstances will this happen on 29 March. And THAT is actually the key issue here.

[ Sources : EU Commission | UK Government ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Tues 12 Mar 2019

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Reader Comments 10

1. Concerned Expat , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 06:21:

The whole show has been a farcical comedy from start to end. We should have left the day after the 2nd historic referendum. After 45 years we got the chance to vote and were told this decision is yours, a once in a lifetime decision.
But from the first day onwards the losers have been plotting and acting as if referendum result means nothing. They did this in Southern Ireland too they voted no and had to have another vote to get the 'correct' answer.
Now Blair has sprung into action talking with his Macron buddy advising how to kill Brexit. If that is not treason I don't know what is. Most of the past and still alive ex-PM's are also losers and have been bitching about Brexit vote. None of them care two hoots about the 17.4 million voters choice. The Westminster swamp has to be cleared before the UK can become great again. I fear the time is running out for the country to recover, I hope I am wrong.

2. Patrick F , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 07:49:

Dominic Grieve (BBC News) this morning has told me, one again, that when I voted Leave I didn't know the detail of Brexit.
In other words, it is the electorate who are at fault: we are the lumpen, unthinking, bovine people, not the politicians to whom we gave a mandate.

3. Not4EU, London , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 08:37:

A sticking plaster that's been used so often that it didn't remain stuck for many minutes after the planned dash & 'dramatic breakthough'.
Druncker himself said it plainly - the 'deal' is the same 'deal' that's been there now for 105 days. There is no change.
The linguistic & tortuous contortions of our language for the latest meaningless word salad which still say nothing are quite painful to watch. I guess that translating it from German has this effect.
Kate Hoey asked the most pertinent question last night, "Why do we need an international Treaty just to leave the EU?" The pro-EU Deputy PM didn't even acknowledge the question but 'answered' a completely different question that was not asked. The pro-EU Speaker stayed silent & did not instruct him to answer the question. Our majority EU Quizling Parliament in action.
Another Groundhog day & another soggy day for me outside Parliament.
Anyone who votes for this disgraceful surrender will not be forgiven. There are no excuses. It is NOT leaving the EU, as instructed.
The 29th March, 11pm, will be an important date in our history. Either we will leave the EU on WTO terms, or democracy will be pronounced dead. Either way, the pollies will not be forgiven for their treason.

4. James Bertram , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 08:39:

Well done BrexitFacts4EU team for staying up overnight to bring us this information.
I watched late into the night and it was clear that this new information was deliberately being sprung on parliament. The excuses made for not giving politicians 24 hours to analyse and discuss this material were ridiculous. This told me all I needed to know - that no worthwhile change had been achieved and that the government was once again using trickery to try and push the WA through. If there had been worthwhile change then the government would have wanted all parties to understand and reflect on this new material at length - they don't.
By Friday it had been clear that nothing worthwhile had been achieved. My belief is that these worthless new conditions were dressed up over the weekend to pretend that May had not been wasting everyone's time again, were then available but not put out, and May's dash to Strasbourg and late publication of details is nothing more than a charade that was planned at the weekend.
The Withdrawal Agreement remains as appalling as ever, and for the sake of our country must be voted down. No self-respecting MP could do otherwise, and if they do then they are not fit for office and must be removed asap.

5. Catherine, Dollar , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 09:00:

Thank you, Facts4EU. I think that 'pessimistic' statements about negotiations these last few days were issued by the UK side, in order for the Joint Interpretative Instrument etc etc to come as more of a surprise.
This is the same tactic as used in the 1922 Committee vote of no confidence in Mrs May - hold the vote immediately, don't allow the opposition to gather mass and momentum.
This time, though, we know about the withdrawal agreement. We need to keep reminding people of this.

6. James Bertram , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 09:30:

Too, Catherine, it is the same tactic notoriously used at Chequers, and once again she treats her own Tory politicians with complete contempt.
Theresa May is a disgrace, the most dishonest Prime Minister in history, and must be booted out - hopefully by the end of this week.

7. James Bertram , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 10:29:

Good article:
'...To summarise: May just reached another agreement with the EU that reaffirms the EU’s dominant interpretation of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement, which confirms the EU’s veto of when Northern Ireland can leave the EU, and confirms the EU’s dominance over interpretation and enforcement.
Yet May dishonestly claimed to have won Britain’s capability to withdraw unilaterally.
May has reaffirmed her uselessness as a negotiator and dishonesty as a public servant.'

8. W Alkaway , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 10:52:

The People want to leave the EU but the Politicians don't. It's time this handful of Politicians woke up to reality. They don't have a job for life. Their cosy world is about to come crashing down. Vote for any of these latest 'ties' and they themselves will be slung out of Parliament by the People. Vote to leave without a Deal, and they might just recoup the trust of the Nation. Leaving is simple: we go on 29 March 2019.without any meaningless ties, lies and promises by self-serving EU Bureaucrats. They want our £££ Billions. Hands off! It's our taxes and we'll decide how it is spent - on the needs of our Country. Only by kicking off the shackles of the EU, can we show the World just how successful the Democratic way is.

9. Chris , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 12:48:

I really do hope that The Bruges Group are able to confirm their previous blog concerning the 'Maykel' conspiracy.
May and Robbins should both be in jail serving a life sentence for treason.

10. Jon, Wales , Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 13:11:

One major thing anti-democratic MPs keep forgetting about the referendum is we all voted on the same day, one way or the other, though some lodged their votes before this by choice. We each had our reasons, but each vote was as equal as the next, regardless. Yet they keep slagging off those who voted Leave saying we were 'stupid', and other words to that effect.
By definition, they infer all remain voters are the brains of our country, NOT!! - they simply have differing views, as at all elections.
The juvenile behaviour of anti-democratic MPs [but not all] in the House of Commons is a disgrace to our country, and I hope they all see this comment. They MUST accept the democratic decision of the majority electorate or have the decency to stand down from their taxpayer funded positions of privilege.
Be in no doubts, remain MPs are trying to subvert the referendum vote by any means possible. Think about it - Imagine if you will there was a majority of MPs who voted Leave. In that instance, I suggest we would have left long ago? (and it only takes 50% +1 vote for a majority).
Whilst Westminster issues are played out in public, the EU's are conducted in secret behind closed doors?

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