Multi-deal Brexit (WTO) is the default option

Or have MPs been lying to us for the last two years?

This evening, MPs will once again gather in Westminster for an important series of votes in the Commons. This time they will be voting on the “UK's withdrawal from the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship”.

This is the debate promised by Mrs May which will have the effect of taking the option of a multi-deal Brexit on WTO terms off the table. In the BBC’s terms, this is the ‘no deal’ option being removed.

Whilst the vote carries no legislative weight, it will help to determine primary legislation which we believe the Government will bring forward within days.

MPs will be voting against themselves

It is widely expected that MPs will vote this evening to take ‘no deal’ off the table. In doing so, they will be voting against what they had already approved when they voted to trigger Article 50.

On 24 January 2017 the Supreme Court ruled that the Government must enact legislation in order to invoke Article 50. In a piece of irony not uncommon in the Brexit story, it was arch-Remainer Gina Miller and her friends who forced this.

The result was the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017. This Act permitted the Prime Minister to give formal notice to the EU of the UK’s departure.

They voted by almost 5 to 1

MPs voted by 494 to 122 on 8 February 2017 to pass this Bill – a massive majority of 372, far higher than any majority in any recent votes relating to Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement. The Act received Royal Assent on 16 March 2017 and Article 50 was invoked on 29 March 2017.

This Act effectively made the exiting of the European Union unconditional, after two years from the date of invoking article 50. Primary legislation therefore dictates that the UK leave the EU on 29 March 2019.


After voting for this Act by almost 5 to 1, MPs now wish to reverse their decision this evening. In effect, they have deceived the country for almost two years. And those two years included a General Election.

The EU have made clear that they will offer nothing more. In effect, therefore, MPs will be voting tonight to remove the possibility of leaving the EU on 29 March 2019, as voted for by Parliament and as promised more than 80 times by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons.

This will then be followed by further votes tomorrow, to delay or otherwise thwart Brexit.

It is our opinion that the majority of our MPs are now unfit for purpose.

[Sources : Hansard | The Supreme Court ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org 13 Mar 2019

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