Four MPs are leading the Parliamentary backing for our #GoWTO public campaign

MPs backing Go WTO

Rt Hon David Jones MP, Andrea Jenkyns MP, Graham Stringer MP, Anne Marie Morris MP

All four of these MPs went through the ‘Noes’ lobby in yesterday evening’s Commons vote on the constitutional abomination that is Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Headline politicians backing the #GoWTO public campaign:-

  • The Rt Hon David Jones MP (Con)
    Formerly Minister of State for Exiting the European Union and formerly Secretary of State for Wales
  • Andrea Jenkyns MP (Con)
    MP for Morley and Outwood, who famously defeated Ed Balls in 2015. Member of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee
  • Graham Stringer MP (Lab)
    Member of Parliament for Blackley and Broughton, a consistent and prominent Eurosceptic in the Parliamentary Labour Party
  • Anne Marie Morris MP (Con)
    Member of Parliament for Newton Abbot, an increasingly popular Eurosceptic in her constituency and in the ERG

We are sure all readers will want to indicate their support to these MPs, as well as to all other pro-Brexit MPs who voted down Mrs May’s deal again last night.

Who voted for this constitutional abomination?

Extraordinarily, 242 MPs felt able to vote to sacrifice any last vestige of honour which this country still possesses. 235 of these were Conservatives, with 3 Labour and 4 independent MPs joining them.


In the growing crisis of our Parliamentary democracy, it is important to find positives.

The Brexit Facts4EU.Org team are by nature an optimistic and positive bunch. In these dark and difficult days, we still try to find something to be cheerful about.

With other MPs changing sides in yesterday evening’s vote, it is at least encouraging to see that the MPs leading the public backing of our #GoWTO campaign were unswerving.

[ Sources : Hansard ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org 13 Mar 2019

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Reader Comments 8

1. Concerned Expat , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 07:02:

I congratulate all 4, these are good people.
Now we need them and all other MP's with brains in their head to vote NO to getting rid of the 'no deal' option tonight. Then the Government MUST accept that and run with No Deal WTO Exit on 29th March 2019.
If they do not do the above, then the Conservatives are finished. I would then recomend to all voters at the next general election to ONLY vote for UKIP/Veterans Party/For Britain and no one else if at all possible.
This is of course whilst everyone still has one vote.

2. Not4EU, London , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 08:04:

The corruption in our EU Parliamentary Parish Council (UK region) was laid bare last night, with those who are supportive of surrendering our country, bound and gagged, to a foreign power being joined by several more who - despite narry a comma, full stop or word being changed - now think that surrender is a good idea. I've read their 'excuses'. No excuse for this is acceptable. We will not forget them.
If it wasn't obvious (to some) before, todays (& potentially tomorrows) vote makes clear that there was never any intention of the Govt to leave the EU. Tusk, as ever, let the cat out of the bag confirming that we might 'accidentally' leave showing that staying was always the intention & they will stop at nothing to ensure that happens.
Many MPs lied about leaving the EU to get elected to the cushy gravy train, but as with all despots their hubris inevitably leads to overeach for power at any cost. Their contempt for democracy & the people will be fully shown tonight with whoever votes for the insane suggestion (it's only an opinion) that 'no deal' is removed as an 'option' despite it being the law that was overwhelmingly voted for. We will not forget them.
Go WTO. No deal is better than a bad deal. We should not be negotiating our sovereignty in the first place. No Govt is better than a bad Govt.

3. Sydney Ashurst , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 08:40:

BUT, where do we go from here?
Theresa May has failed, but the Conservative Party hierarchy seem incapable of calling it a day and ousting her. Parliament is in limbo and she carries on. Have the rules of the game changed whereby failures do not resign.
With Parliament favouring remain, perhaps a quick GE rather than another peoples vote is the answer.

4. James Bertram , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 08:54:

Well done, all four.
Particularly liked your speech supporting WTO Brexit, Andrea. ( And keep up the good work supporting better animal welfare).
Good luck for today.

5. Not4EU, London , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 08:58:

Sydney, the Govt falling now effectively pro-rogues Parliament. The earliest date now for a GE, under Electoral Commission rules, is now after 29th March.
The dissolution of Parliament means that all 'potential' laws, or potential amendments to laws, are no longer valid and fall away. This means that current law (UK & EU) prevails and we leave the EU on WTO terms at 11pm 29th March. It prevents the seditious MPs from thwarting democracy & the embarrassment that our banana republic Parliament has become.
What's not to like?

6. James Bertram , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 09:11:

Not4EU - this would be fantastic if this works out (or will they find some legal trickery to alter the rules?).
I think it is highly likely that Labour will call a Vote of No Confidence this week. If 'No Deal' has been taken off the table, and article 50 has been extended, then Brexiteers will have a much greater incentive to vote the Government down.
Fingers crossed.

7. Chris , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 10:17:

Apparently, May's majority is down to just 4 now, so it only needs two more Tory Remainers to join the Tiggers, and she has lost her majority and will have to call a GE. With May still charge, they would be blown to oblivion, but with a charismatic Brexiteer like Boris as leader, they would probably win comfortably. A lot of the troublemakers could be deselected in the process, of course.
Owen Patterson made an interesting point the other day, which is that he thinks a delay to A50 is by no means certain, except maybe for a couple on months, which would change nothing. He argues that with the European elections coming up, and with Italy and Hungary making waves, the last thing they need are a bunch of stroppy British MEPs causing trouble.

8. Chris , Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 10:34:
REPLY BY BREXIT FACTS4EU.ORG TEAM : Yes, we called for her to go two years ago. We also made the 'men in white coats' comment months ago and were the first to do so. Where was the support for us then?

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