Over the past 20 years, Germany has sold €1.3 TRILLION of goods to the UK

Last year alone, Germany’s trade surplus with UK was equivalent to the ‘divorce bill’

As part of our work providing a perspective on the EU to the public and to MPs, we monitor the official statistics agencies of the EU member states.

Below is the information which Germany’s statistics agency Destatis has provided to the EU Commission, showing the extraordinary extent of Germany’s sales to the UK in the last 20 years. This is the latest information and it includes 2018.

Brexit Summary

  • Over €1.3 TRILLION (over £1.1 trillion GBP) in German exports to the UK in last 20 years
  • In 2018 alone, these German sales amounted to £70 billion
  • The Germans bought less than half this amount from British companies
  • Yet the UK is expected to pay over £39 billion to the EU, without even getting a trade deal?

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The UK is a big market

Germany’s largest export market isn’t the UK – that’s the USA, just like it is for the UK – but the UK is nevertheless a massive customer for German businesses.

The UK bought over £70 billion (GBP) of goods from German companies in 2018. Sadly, the Germans have been less keen to buy from the UK. Last year they bought less than £32 billion in goods from British companies. That’s less than half as much as we bought from them.

The trade deficit in 2018 alone was £38.5 billion in Germany’s favour

That’s almost exactly what the EU is demanding from the UK as a ‘divorce settlement’

And that’s without getting a trade deal in return

In the last 20 years, Germany's trade surplus with the UK has been a staggering €0.75 TRILLION Euros


There is a reason why we conduct our research into the facts surrounding the UK’s EU membership and why we go to official sources in the EU. They so often illuminate the one-sided nature of the relationship.

While Remain MPs stand up in Parliament and rain down platitudes and vague statements about the benefits of EU membership, how many know the first thing about the facts and figures?

Sadly, with the Treasury being the high temple of Remoanerism in British Government, these Remainer MPs will not get any useful facts out of them. Well, in a sense they will, because the Treasury’s mission under Philip Hammond is to present the worst possible forecasts of calamity, should the UK leave on WTO terms in 3 weeks’ time.

However we deal in facts, not forecasts.

Remain MPs are constantly asking for “impact assessments” of Brexit, knowing full well that the Treasury has proved itself to be monumentally incompetent in providing all such estimates, since before the Referendum. They haven’t just been wrong, they have been wrong on a truly epic scale. In business, they would have been fired, but....

The figures we have presented above are facts, not forecasts. They come from the well-respected and official German government statistics agency, Destatis.

If nothing else, these figures show just how much Germany has benefited from the UK being part of the EU for decades. More importantly we believe that information like this is essential for all MPs, so that they begin to understand that the UK has always been in a strong negotiating position with the EU.

The problem is that the Government has been thoroughly defeatist from the very beginning.

No delay. Don’t pay. Leave on Friday.   (29 March 2019)

[ Sources : Official German government statistics agency, Destatis | Official EU Commission statistics agency Eurostat ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 07 Mar 2019

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