Cabinet abstainers

Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, David Mundell, David Gauke - Cabinet Ministers who defied the whip last night

Yesterday evening the House of Commons was in chaos

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There are two main reasons why we are in this mess:

  1. Our MPs
  2. The EU

The context

Let’s briefly deal with the second reason first. For years we have illuminated the true nature of the EU by researching on and publishing detailed facts about this organisation on a daily basis.

They are in major part responsible for the atrocious Withdrawal Agreement but let’s put this to one side. Their behaviour has been appalling but then we expected that and we can do nothing about it.

Here we must focus on the other reason why the country is in a crisis - our MPs – which we CAN do something about.

MPs defying democracy

The House of Commons last night defied the will of the people. Its members even defied their own votes for triggering Article 50 and defied their own manifestos on which they stood for election as recently as June 2017.

In doing all of this they have defied democracy itself, on which the order of our modern society ultimately rests.
The fundamental compact between the legislature and the people has been broken.

This is so extraordinary that it has left many people searching for the words to describe how they feel. Certainly the anger in the country is now palpable. It is noticeable that many of those who voted Remain are also shocked.

And yet these anti-democratic demons will ride on today, dealing the ultimate blow to Brexit in further votes this evening. Well, not the ultimate blow perhaps, but they will set in train events which will mean we will not be exiting the EU on 29 March.

Ordinary people, extraordinary times

Over the past few years the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team has found itself being dragged inexorably into the world of politics, as have many readers. This is not something which sits comfortably with us. None of us are politicians, nor do we have any ambition to be. Most of us are in business and have made major sacrifices in our careers, to fight for Brexit.

Regular readers will remember the days when we simply published well-researched facts on a daily basis. Since early last summer we have had to intersperse these factual articles with more and more public campaigns. We did so because we could see what was coming. We could see that the problem simply wasn’t being addressed by one of the large organisations set up to do this.

Fortunately, more and more Brexit groups then supported our efforts, and still do to this day. We also have the active support of some key MPs and MEPs – publicly and behind the scenes. Most importantly we have had the support of tens of thousands of readers across the country who have spread our messages far and wide.

Après nous, le déluge

MPs have now effectively declared war on the electorate. So be it.

They are so isolated in their Westminster bubble that they really have no idea about reality in the country anymore. Readers have kindly sent us letters which they have sent to their MPs – and the replies they received – which demonstrate this beyond doubt.

Don’t get mad, get even

The key question is, short of storming the Palace of Westminster today which we most definitely do NOT advocate, what can we do about this?

The answer is simple. You have a voice. Use it. And please use it today, before you lose it.

Today (not tomorrow, not at the weekend) we ask you to act. Don’t assume that other people will do this, you must now step up, no matter what is going on in your life.

Let’s deluge MPs in every way possible, to make sure they finally understand the strength of feeling in the country. We also ask all Remain voters to do this. Most Remain voters are decent people – few are extremist Remoaners.

All decent Britons must act now to save our democracy and to avoid this crisis reaching a tipping point which none of us want to see.

What you must do today, please

There are several ways you could do something today, to influence your MP ahead of this evening’s votes.

  • Direct contact with your MP – see below
  • Contacting their support network – constituency association, groups they are members of
  • Deluging the media – calling and emailing the BBC, Sky News, ITN, national and local newspapers, local radio
  • Getting seriously active on social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Leafleting your local community, door-to-door and in the high street or shopping centre

Use email, the phone, hand-delivered letters/leaflets, your physical presence in the community – use semaphore if you have to - but get your voice heard.

Be British

The one thing we urge is to be polite, but please also be very direct, concise, and clear. Avoid language which could be considered abusive or likely to incite violence. Avoid trespass, and be proportionate at all times.

The key message is : “Respect democracy, do NOT delay Brexit. Respect my vote, or you and your party will lose it forever”.

How to do all of this

Everything you need to know is in our Brexit Battle Pack, endorsed by many other Brexit Groups. If you have time, read it all. If you don’t, here are some key links:

Contacting your MP

Contacting an MP's association

Contacting the media


Finally, and even though we are as embarrassed to ask as much as you are tired of being asked, please donate if you haven’t already done so.

There is SO much more we could do if we had the resources that the Remain campaign have.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Thur 14 Mar 2019

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Reader Comments 17

1. Mandy, Sheffield , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 07:58:

We do need a 'people's vote'. Not on Brexit though. The 2016 referendum was about a clear question, and we gave a clear answer. We understand what leaving the EU means and we did not change our minds so that's done and dusted.
On the other hand, when we voted in the general election we could not have imagined that we would be constantly lied to and mislead by the PM and by our MPs. We broadly trusted them - only to find that they'll ignore and betray us. This we could not have predicted, so here we have to correct our votes - according to what we now know about these MPs' nature.

2. Patrick F , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 08:04:

My wife has written three letters and seven e-mails to our MP Greg Clark,over the last two years. She received two (unsatisfactory) replies, on the fishing policy and on the EU army, which was passed to Gavin Williamson MP to reply.
Mr Clark has not replied since Chequers in July 2018.
Between us we have also written to Theresa May, Brandon Lewis and the Chair of my local Conservative Association. We are still waiting replies.
The Conservative party will hear our voices, whether they want to or not in the forthcoming local council elections. EU Parliament elections (?) and General Election. When they suffer massive losses we will hear the usual platitude: "We need to listen to the electorate."
REPLY FROM THE BREXIT FACTS4EU.ORG TEAM : Excellent work by your wife - full marks.
Today we need to inundate all MPs in all ways possible. It doesn't matter their views, nor their majorities, nor anything else. We need everyone to deluge them with a lovely bucket of democracy!

3. Not4EU, London , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 08:56:

Well, if anyone was still had any doubt that the vast majority of our system of Governance & that the major parties are corrupt to the core & working for a foreign power, last night showed the truth. This bunch of EU despots trampled on democracy as an irrelevance. They abandoned all adherance to our Constitution where it does not suit their aims. Basically, they've kicked the people in the teeth like the bullies that they are. Last night, THEY broke the contract between the people & Parliament that has allowed our nation to be governed peacefully via the ballot box. The final veil of our sham democracy has now fallen showing the Quizling potemkin Parliament for what it is, a Parish Council controlled by the EU.
How have we become the EU-controlled banana republic that we are now? WE have let it happen. We became complacent that the checks & balances were enough to maintain our system, except didn't notice when those checks & balances became corrupt.
We have long relied on media journalists to hold those in power to account, after all that was their job. However, journalists stopped doing that some time ago & are now just propaganda wallahs & activists, and those not willing to follow the political agenda are ousted.
Neither the Conservatives nor Labour appear to support the values that people associate with those parties. Yet people still vote for them, on the basis of those long discarded values. Yes, there are still some in the parties that still hold these values dear but the evidence seems clear that they are small minorities & it seems unlikely that they would ever resume a majority.

4. Not4EU, London , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 08:58:

As to the Govt, from the beginning leaving the EU has been treated like a problem to be managed & mitigated as they do not want to implement the referendum result. They have blocked every positivity and handed away every advantage. The odds that it is just incompetence are beyond probability. Just look at each 'incompetent' action. Too many to be mere incompetence. No, it was a deliberate act to deceive the people again.
We, the people, must now take back control of our democracy & country. Democracy can only exist where those in power are afraid of the people who they serve. Last night demonstrated that the despots are not afraid of the people. We must make them so again.

5. OnlyTheTruth , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 09:07:

Thank goodness we have MPs who are prepared to stand up for what is right. They are in a much better position to make decisions. With the leave side having misrepresented the position so badly before the Referendum and then disappearing immediately after it, we're lucky to have MPs who stand up for what is right as they've been doing in Parliament in recent days.

6. Sharon , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 09:09:

I shall be emailing many so called MP's with a simple subject heading " No Brexit = No Democracy = No Taxes".

7. SibeliusFan , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:12:

For what it’s worth, this is the text of the reply I sent last week to my MP. I won’t quote the MP’s email to me out of respect for confidentiality, but the gist of various remarks can probably be gleaned from bits I quote and comment upon:
“Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to email me and set out your views on the current situation in Parliament regarding Brexit.
You say that Parliament will soon have to make up its mind. In my opinion the cause of a lot of the trouble has been the fact that Parliament (including the PM) HAD made up its mind quite a while ago that it was never going to permit a full, clean break from the EU.
In June 2016 we had a referendum, the result of which the then PM David Cameron told us would be implemented. “Leave” won, against the wishes and expectations of the majority of MPs and ever since then they have tried every way they can to thwart the expressed will of the People, starting with the confected difference between “Hard” and “Soft” Brexit so that they could say we didn’t know “what sort of Brexit we were voting for.” You were one of the majority of MPs who voted to trigger Article 50, with a leaving date of 29th March 2019. Did you MPs know what “sort of Brexit” you were voting for back then?
Mrs May stated early on that “No Deal is better than a bad deal.” With hindsight, it unfortunately it turns out that she and her advisors did not actually believe this, but that doesn’t excuse the many Members of Parliament on all sides who have undermined the UK’s negotiating position by declaring that Parliament would never permit “no deal.” If there was “foolishness and self-indulgence” around I think the House of Commons was where it was on display– the EU negotiators must have been unable to believe their luck!
(continues in next post, if allowed, as the full text is too long for one comment-box)

8. SibeliusFan , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:19:

“No deal is better than a bad deal” is the position our “negotiators” should have adopted in the first place, with the full backing of a Parliament that was committed to implementing the result of the referendum. If they had, we might by now be in a position of having sorted out all the areas where we wish to co-operate with our near neighbours, but on terms that are favourable to us. Unlike the UK’s half-hearted representatives who have gone cap-in-hand, the EU knows how to negotiate and they have understandably taken full advantage of us.
Now MPs are faced with the implications of their A50 vote.The alternatives are Mrs May’s terrible Withdrawal Agreement, which in effect keeps us tied into the EU without any voice or influence (even if the Irish “Backstop” problems were to be resolved) or the default position of the UK leaving unilaterally without signing anything. You will have gathered that I don’t agree with you that the WA provides a sensible basis for our long-term relationship with the EU! It is not “Leaving the European Union” by any stretch of the imagination. It should be voted down and we should just leave on March 29th. However I doubt that Parliament will “allow” this to happen and there will be an extension. My prediction is that there will then be a General Election and I think you will find that because ALL 3 main parties have tried, in your phrase to “scupper Brexit” they will ALL be severely punished by voters. It would indeed be better to extend our membership of the EU for the time being than to accept this half-in, half-out WA proposition. Then bring on some committed pro-Brexit politicians who will get it right on a second attempt.
And… by the way… I am not “angry”! I have a life outside Brexit…. but I am concerned and I’m trying to make my voice heard, rather than just sitting back and complaining.
You, after all, represent a constituency that voted “Leave.”

9. Chris , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 10:25:

This all adds further evidence to the validity of the 'Maykel conspiracy', particularly since May effectively voted against herself last night. James Delingpole recently spoke with John Petley (the author of the Maykel article), and he is absolutely adamant that the allegations are true and come from an impeccable source.
I think there is a third key reason for the current mess, apart from the EU and MPs, and that is the Civil Service. Most are rabid Remainers, and of course Robbins is their high priest. He is the principal author of the WA and is solely responsible (with May's backing) for the backstop.
On the plus side, so far everything is proceeding exactly according to Chris Howarth's script in his 'Brexit cannot be stopped' article on Brexit Central.

10. Patrick F , Thursday, March 14, 2019, 12:08:

Only the truth, which MPS are "standing up for what is right"?
What is "right"?

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