Brexit’s going to be great – We look at how the message is getting out there

How do we all overcome the massive funds of the Remain campaigns?

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In the EU Referendum campaign, Remain outspent Leave by 2 to 1. Even without the £9.3 million that David Cameron’s government spent on its leaflet and internet propaganda, the Remain side still outspent the Leave side by millions. [Source : Official Electoral Commission data, 2017.]

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Since the Referendum, how has the Leave side done?

Since the Referendum, the situation has got worse. As everyone knows and as people like Nigel Farage and Leave Means Leave openly admit, they thought the battle was won and went on sabbatical.

Established readers know that at Brexit Facts4EU.Org we didn’t believe the battle was won, and continued publishing on 24 June 2016 and every day since, seven days-a-week. We did so in the face of the increasing opposition from the Remain side, who started spending vast amounts on court cases, on building anti-Brexit organisations, and on online campaigns, a lot of which have been funded by foreign money.

In time, Brexit organisations started to return to the fray. Nigel came back and Leave Means Leave was formed. Meanwhile we continued churning out punchy facts about the EU and Brexit, and even started public campaigns ourselves when it was clear that no-one else apart from Leave.EU was doing this.

Where is Brexit campaigning today?

There is no doubt in our minds that Leave has been losing the publicity battle. Whilst this is partly down to media bias – in particular from the BBC, Sky News and ITN – it is also because the focus has been on rallies to the converted rather than a more inclusive media campaign which also gives facts to people.

With the incompetent and deliberate pro-Remain approach of Mrs May, and the appalling, bullying behaviour by the EU, the Leave argument should have been a breeze. Project Fear was proved conclusively by events to have been a complete fiction. Remainers talk about the bus, but what about the litany of lies by the authorities? All their claims and threats have proved to have been false.

The EU has behaved abominably. Who on earth would want to stay in the sclerotic mess of the EU, apart from extreme ideologues? Certainly not ordinary voters.

And yet the message hasn’t got out there – or not well enough, at least.

A multi-targeted approach to Brexit

We continue to believe that only a mass public campaign to unseat Remain MPs at the next General Election will have any effect on MPs who will be voting on some form of measures to thwart Brexit in the coming months. A vibrant new pro-Brexit leader of the Conservative Party will make a difference, but it will not be enough.

We must hit Remain MPs – especially those representing Leave constituencies – hard in their ballot boxes. By this we mean promising to vote them out at the next election. Grab them by their ballot boxes, and their minds will surely follow. Either they respect the Referendum result in full and we exit on 31 October 2019 regardless of anything, or they will lose their job. Simple.

The other side to this campaign is less visible but no less important. It involves serious reports produced by serious organisations, explaining how a managed WTO exit can deliver what the people voted for, without catastrophic consequences. Indeed we still see the ‘sunlit uplands’ which this can bring to us, albeit after a short period of turbulence whilst the EU comes to its senses.

It involves sustained pressure behind the scenes, educating MPs, and showing a clear path to our exit from the EU on 31 October. We reported on one such plan last week.

What is Brexit Facts4EU.Org doing about all of this?

Above all, we are now focusing more and more on the positive aspects of Brexit – something which the broadcast media seem reluctant to talk about.

Put simply, we are working on all levels. Some of our work is visible on this site, such as our regular output of facts about the EU, and our public campaigns. Some are not visible, because we are working with other Brexit organisations on more subtle approaches to all MPs.

In the next article, though, we decided to show readers that our work does reach a wider audience than just this site. Apart from the hundreds of thousands who see our work on this site, on social media, and in emails which other organisations circulate, we also make the mainstream media.

We thought you might like to see an example of press coverage of our work from yesterday (next article).

[ Sources : Electoral Commission | Cabinet Office ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 10 Jun 2019

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