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The Express' article about our Remain MP campaign - and about the Brexit Party

© Express Newspapers

We don’t usually mention our articles gaining reach in the media or on other important Brexit sites. This happens regularly, however, despite having no budget for media relations or PR. Here is an example from yesterday’s edition of The Express.

© Express Newspapers

This work is © Express Newspapers who reserve all rights. You can read the article in full here.

The article from yesterday’s Express relates to our series last week on “The Brexit Fightback” – an essential series of four articles which we researched and published.

Naturally the content of the Express article is how the Express chose to cover it as they are an independent news organisation. We had no involvement in that.


We thought readers – particularly those who donate to us - might like to see that our work can reach wider audiences and make an impact. The above article is one example of many.

Below is a montage we produced well over a year ago of other newspaper articles about our work. There are many more recent ones but we don't have the resource to keep producing these montages.

© montage: Brexit Facts4EU.Org

If any readers who haven’t already done so could donate, we could do much more. Currently our level of donations is not enough to keep us afloat. Thank you to those of you who have already donated, and thank you in advance to anyone who feels they could help us now.

[ Sources : Express Newspapers ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mon 10 Jun 2019

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