Today, a majority of MPs will vote to stop Brexit

All pro-Brexit groups MUST get together and back a public campaign
against these anti-democrat MPs

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Today opposition parties and some rogue Tories are attempting to bring down Brexit in Parliament

This afternoon the opposition parties and some rogue Conservative MPs will vote for a motion to prevent Brexit. We believe they will win.

Brexit Summary

Opposition parties and Remoaner Speaker aim to stop Brexit today

  • Labour motion today is likely to stop Brexit
  • Motion is supported by all opposition parties plus Tory Remoaners like Sir Oliver Letwin
  • This could stop UK leaving the EU on 31 October
  • What are pro-Brexit groups doing to stop this?

This motion means that the Government will once again be removed from power in terms of their control over Parliamentary business, with the help of arch-Remoaner Speaker John Bercow. It further means that a motion could be passed preventing an exit on 31 October and preventing any attempt to prorogue Parliament until that date.

These anti-democrats must be stopped

We have pressed so many times for a mass public campaign to inundate all MPs with a simple message, that we risk boring readers. We must do so once again because it seems that most pro-Brexit groups that are influential just don’t get the point.

Of course Brexit strategy must include many strands and many special interests. Part of this strategy involves articles in newspapers and on TV and radio programmes which are followed by the Westminster elite. Nevertheless, we continue to stress that by far the most important thing we could all be doing is persuading the public en masse to threaten the jobs of MPs.

We believe that the decent, democratic people of the country can become motivated to send tens of thousands of letters to MPs.

Our campaigns already exist and have been used by the public

We have run our own campaigns, and have even secured the endorsement of a dozen or more other Brexit groups each time. We just don’t know what we have to do to get ALL pro-Brexit organsiations to take up the cause and promote it actively.

If you haven’t already done so, please read our most recent campaign here. The link goes to the action page, the last in a four-part series with the first three parts being linked to on that page. We urge readers (and all major pro-Brexit groups) to read all four parts.

“Take me out, or lose me forever”

Below is our simple letter to send to MPs. Imagine if thousands of these letters arrived in MPs’ offices over the coming days? They can ignore emails, Twitter messages, Facebook posts, and petitions, but they can’t ignore the physical impact of thousands of letters clogging up their offices in Westminster.

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We urge all readers to print this out, fill in the details and sign it, and send it to their MP today. Readers could also put this through their neighbours’ letterboxes, for them to send.


Our forte is the analysis of official EU and UK government information, summarising this, and publishing punchy, bullet-pointed articles about the EU and Brexit which get the points across quickly.

We don’t want to be spending so much time on campaigning and trying to persuade other groups.

Today’s latest attempt by Remain-supporting, anti-democratic, and elitist MPs to stop Brexit makes us extremely angry.

If an effective public campaign had been taken up across the board when we first suggested it, we would not be where we are now. We urge all pro-Brexit groups to adopt this as their top priority.

We are not the only group to have pressed hard for this and we welcome the initiatives of others. Sadly we are too few in number. It’s time for this to change.

If you can help us to keep going with a donation, we desperately need you now. Quick and secure donation methods are below. Thank you.

[ Sources: UU Parliament Order Paper 12 June ]

Brexit Facts4EU.Org editorial, Wed 12 Jun 2019

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