“Boris and Jeremy, how would you define a true Brexit?”

We look at one key question which wasn’t asked last night


A Brexit Facts4EU.Org view on the meaning of Brexit

The defining issue for the country continues to be the delivery of Brexit, and yet in last night’s Tory leadership debate neither candidate was asked to define what they were talking about.

The country has endured almost three years of a Prime Minister who has stood at the dispatch box in the House of Commons and lied repeatedly, claiming that her strategy and then her Withdrawal Agreement would deliver Brexit.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org continually argued that Theresa May never had any intention of delivering Brexit, and we have been equally clear that her ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ is nothing more than an EU-drafted surrender treaty, prepared with the full complicity of May’s pro-Remain civil servants.

So what does Brexit “mean”?

From time to time over the past few years we have reminded politicians what Brexit means in the minds of most Leave voters, and what we felt was needed - in broad terms - to achieve it. Just before the fateful Chequers meeting a year ago we reminded the Prime Minister again. Here is what we wrote then:-

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

Overall Brexit Strategy, written Jul 2018

1. All ministers must now openly back Brexit, whichever way they voted

2. They must embody a confident and positive vision of a post-Brexit Britain

3. Forget ‘forms of words’ and legal fudging, success requires clear, unequivocal objectives

4. The UK has red lines based on the simple fact that the people voted to leave

5. This means exiting all EU structures and controls

6. These will NOT be replaced with anything that has broadly the same effect as being a Member State

7. Specifically, there will be :

  • No membership of the Single Market or anything like it
  • No membership of the Customs Union or anything like it
  • No ‘regulatory alignment’ of British goods, except for exports to the EU
  • Full ability to implement new international trade deals from March 2019
  • No jurisdiction by the ECJ
  • No freedom of movement – full autonomy
  • No submission to Common Agriculture or Fisheries Policies
  • No involvement in EU defence union in any form
  • No change in status of Northern Ireland and Gibraltar in any way

8. UK will act as an independent country in all respects

9. EU to be offered a generous free trade deal – zero tariffs

10. EU to be offered continued reciprocal access to UK security and intelligence

So what do Boris and Jeremy think Brexit “means”?

We are pretty sure that both Boris and Jeremy Hunt know what Brexit really is. We are equally sure that neither of them would come close to adopting our no-nonsense outline above.

Instead, the victorious candidate will fudge again. Boris still sometimes talks as if the removal of the ‘Backstop’ provision in the Withdrawal Agreement would make this surrender treaty acceptable. It would not. That document is wrong on so many levels and needs to be torn up. It cannot be the basis for some revised 'deal', even if the EU allowed it to be renegotiated.

Tomorrow we will remind Boris why this is.

And what about the Brexit Party?

In the meantime we asked the Brexit Party for their view of our summary of what Brexit means. Here is what one Brexit Party MEP told us:-

“The Brexit Facts4EU.org summary of what constitutes a genuine Brexit makes eminent sense and should be endorsed by anyone that genuinely wants the UK to leave the EU.

“As a fully independent country we must be outside the jurisdiction of the ECJ, and outside the Customs Union, Single Market, Common Fisheries Policy, and Common Agricultural Policy. We must have control of our own borders, taxes, defence and laws so we can set our own domestic, foreign and trade policies.

“That's what normal countries do – how can anyone object to that?”

- Brian Monteith MEP, Chief Whip, Brexit Party in the EU Parliament


A year ago, prior to the disastrous Chequers meeting, we offered the Prime Minister some further advice :-

“People will follow a leader who is strong and who has a clear plan. The people will get behind you if you do this. An increasing number of MPs will too.

“If you don’t follow this advice you risk a very poor outcome for the country. All your other policies and any achievements will fade into the background. And you will fall.

“Brexit is the most defining moment for the United Kingdom in generations. Don’t let it become your damning epitaph.”

[ Sources: Own files ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 10 Jul 2019

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