Theresa May voted for these people

This might be worth remembering in the next 5 years

Early yesterday morning, Brexit Facts4EU.Org exclusively revealed that outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, a woman due to be replaced in just 21 days’ time, voted for the cabal of top jobs in the EU which had been organised between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

We cannot explain why the mainstream media have made no comment about this.

Yesterday afternoon Mrs May confirmed the truth of our article in a statement to Parliament. Here is what she told the House of Commons:-

“After long and difficult discussions over the last few days, the Council voted for a package of candidates with an important balance of gender, reflecting the diversity of the European Union. The Council formally elected Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel as President of the European Council. The Council also nominated German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen as candidate for President of the European Commission; Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borell Fontelles as candidate for High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy; and the French managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, as candidate for president of the European Central Bank.”

“Subject to the approval of the European Parliament, this will be the first time that a woman will be made President of the European Commission, and I would like to congratulate Ursula von der Leyen on her nomination.

“This was a package supported by the UK, and it is in our national interest to have constructive relationships with those who are appointed.”

Germany runs the EU

The position of EU Commission President is the most powerful in Brussels. The Commission is the sole body which can propose legislation. In addition it dominates the vast majority of the work which we monitor on a daily basis. In a very real sense it controls the agenda and sets the course of continuing EU integration by its daily actions.

It may be true that the EU Council of leaders has overall political control, but in practice what happens in the EU is down to the Commission, led by its anointed President.

Previous EU Commission Presidents – especially Jean-Claude Juncker – were anxious to gain approval from German Chancellors to ensure their programmes would gain support. Now, a German national is the President.

Arch-proponent of ‘United States of Europe’, arch-proponent of the EU Army – Von der Leyen

On the EU turning into a superstate with its own army, Mrs von der Leyen has been one of the most enthusiastic and outspoken Ministers in the German Government. In her own country she is the most unpopular of the senior ministers, presiding over a dysfunctional Bundeswehr which would barely be able to see off an attack by Monaco, let alone Russia.

If she manages to get approved by the EU Parliament, Mrs von der Leyen will escape a great deal of the censure (and formal investigations) being heaped on her in Berlin, and she will be free in Brussels to pursue an aggressive policy of EU federalism.

Credit: Bundestag

Mrs von der Leyen perfected her English mostly in California, apart from a brief stint at the LSE in 1978. It is not easy to find any statements from her which show any genuine warmth towards the UK. In fact, we found none, although we’re happy to be corrected.

This is the woman whom Theresa May voted for on Tuesday night and whom she congratulated warmly in the House of Commons yesterday.


In 2014 we had a rare moment of agreement with David Cameron over an issue concerning the EU. He opposed the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission President and voted against him, along with Viktor Orban of Hungary.

In 2019 it is possible to argue that the UK would not want to make an enemy of the probable new EU Commission President. That certainly seems to be Mrs May’s line, and it’s typical of the appeasing and “let’s manage our decline” mentality of the Foreign Office mandarins.

We prefer a more honest and a much bolder approach. The post-Brexit UK is almost never going to agree with Ursula von der Leyen on anything. We might as well have said so and voted against the appointment of an arch-federalist German to be the head of the Commission. The least we should have done is abstained.

If the Government thinks that Mrs von der Leyen will look warmly on the UK in its exit negotiations from the EU as a result of voting for her candidature, all we can say is ‘watch this space’.

[ Sources: Hansard ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 04 Jul 2019

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