“No case for going cap-in-hand to EU,” says leading Brexit Party MEP

The Brexit Party reacts to EU’s latest report showing UK gains least from Single Market


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“If the EU wishes to do a deal it can give us a call,” says Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib

Following our investigation into the EU’s latest ‘Single Market Scoreboard’ which we published early this morning, the Brexit Party’s Ben Habib – newly installed as an MEP in the EU Parliament of Strasbourg and Brussels - has been quick to react.

“These figures evidence what the Brexit Party has been saying all along.
There is no case for us to go cap-in-hand to the EU in order to secure a trade deal,”
he told us.

Overnight Brexit Facts4EU.Org published the first analysis of the EU’s latest report on the effectiveness of its Single Market. Below is an excerpt from our earlier article today.

“The UK has the lowest trade integration in the Single Market for goods
and the third lowest trade integration for services.”

- EU Commission, Single Market Scoreboard, 2019 Edition

The EU’s Single Market Scoreboard combines import and export figures within the Single Market to show the overall involvement of each country. The UK comes last out of 28 countries.

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The results do not make for pretty reading for Remain MPs. Our research shows that the UK is in last place in the EU’s list of how much each member state benefits from the EU’s Single Market.

Speaking to Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Mr Habib of the Brexit Party was clear about the next steps.

“The United Kingdom is much better off leaving without a deal, preserving its negotiating position.

Then, if the EU wishes to do a deal and is prepared to act reasonably, it can give us a call.”


Mr Habib is of course a rarity in politics.

He's a businessman. He understands how to negotiate deals. He does business across the EU. And he speaks his mind.

We like that.

[ Sources: Ben Habib MEP | EU Commission ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 05 Jul 2019

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