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This Can No Longer Wait


For weeks we have been preparing a full public campaign to promote the “WTO – Way To Go” solution to the UK’s clean exit from the EU on 29 March 2019.

We worked through Christmas and the New Year, persuading other serious Brexit organisations and politicians to back our campaign.


This initiative is designed to inform the public and MPs on the merits of leaving the EU cleanly on 29 March under WTO trading terms, with a few sensible side agreements on various matters.

We have everything in place, including:-

Brexit Facts4EU.org Summary

The 'Go WTO' Campaign

  • Seed-funding from a major donor
  • Support of Chair of the Brexit Coalition of Leave organisations and many key Leave groups
  • New user-friendly website
  • 1-page PDF summary of the “Go WTO” solution, for people to sign and send to their MP
  • Press release and PR team in place, to get supporting MPs onto TV
  • Summary sub-articles on aspects of WTO exit, with a dedicated WTO section
  • Paid social media campaign, accounts set up
  • Specially-created tiles (images with text embedded with punchy messages) for social media

Political Support

We also gained the support of a senior MP. All that was needed was to add the names of a few other prominent MPs, in order to secure coverage on the BBC, Sky, ITN and in major newspapers.

Sadly it was this last hurdle which delayed our launch last week.

We are now pleased to announce that several MPs have today pledged to back the campaign and to carry out media interviews.

We would be pleased to hear from other MPs who will also support this intiative. Those who do will benefit from our PR campaign. Our PR agency will co-ordinate media appearances and interviews with them.



MPs and London-based commentators can write as many erudite articles as they wish and put them behind paywalls in newspapers, but these will only have a marginal effect now.

What is needed is a fast and effective grassroots campaign from the public, backed by pro-Brexit, pro-WTO MPs and pro-WTO Brexit organisations, informing all MPs of the benefits of a clean exit on WTO terms. Even better if this campaign contains a 1-page flyer which the public can simply sign and send to their MP, as ours does.

MPs are receiving such material from Remainers, coordinated by a variety of Remain groups who in our opinion have been far more effective than the Leave side. Imagine if these MPs started receiving thousands of our 1-page PDFs from individual voters?

We are deeply grateful to those of you who have already donated to this campaign. However we need more funding from many more people if we are to make this campaign as successful as possible. Can you help? Details are below.

We only have days to go before the Commons will vote on Mrs May’s disastrous non-Brexit Brexit ‘deal’, and to influence what happens next. Please help if you can – today.

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Please donate to our clean, World Trade Brexit, 'Go WTO' campaign

The 'Go WTO' campaign has the support of MPs, MEPs, and many other Brexit groups, and is really making a difference.
It presents a simple, positive, and factual case for a true Brexit on 29 March 2019.

Please donate today, so that we can really extend the reach of this campaign for a clean Brexit.

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Reader Comments 4

1. Andrew / Brighton , Monday, January 07, 2019, 06:45:

Very important that we all get behind this campaign. Come on people, let's pull together! I just signed up as a monthly facts4eu donor to support the cause. Also, I will spread this campaign far and wide through my social media contacts.
REPLY: That's great Andrew, thank you! Best wishes, the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team

2. Chris , Monday, January 07, 2019, 10:54:

The problem you face is that >70% of MPs are staunch Remainers, and few of them are likely to change their allegiance, whatever you do. Many (most) have personal vested interests (usually financial) in staying in the EU, and they don't really care about democracy or facts. They are simply selfish bastards. My MP, Claire 'Ol Swivel Eyes' Perry, is in a very safe Tory seat, and threatening to vote her out at the next election isn't going to work. She will judge (accurately) that when it comes to the crunch of putting the X on the ballot paper, people will vote Tory rather than for a Marxist government, even if she is a traitor.
As I see it, there are really only two options which stand any chance of getting through the Commons, given the current numbers: Either, a 2nd referendum or the Norway option. The first would be catastrophic because the referendum would be rigged to ensure a Remain victory. The establishment would take no chances this time, and would do whatever it takes, up to and including outright electoral fraud. (The Electoral Commission is 100% Remain staffed). The simplest way to stack the vote would be to put 'Remain' on the ballot paper along with more than one 'Leave' option, thus splitting the Leave vote.
The Norway option is highly unpalatable, but it does get us out, and doesn't preclude a Canada+++ deal in a few years time.

3. Gerry McNeilly , Monday, January 07, 2019, 20:36:

We could declare a day of civil lawfull rebellion and bring the country to a standstill as is our lawfull right under Magna Carta, peacefull of course, I am not being a killjoy but it is time now for action that is the only way now that we will get anywhere. Facebook, Twitter or emails just get ignored or binned or blocked, I know because I do it I am sick of being bombarded every time I log onto the internet..
We need to show Europe Leave means leave, 6 member states are facing bankruptcy and 2 are already bankrupt, this was Hitlers master plan if he lost the war, take over Europe finacially and gain total control, the EU was formed by former Nazi's we now see it happening, and may god help us, it is only going to get worse. We need to tell parliament they work for us, not the other way round. Lawfull Civil Rebellion is now the only way. put that out on social media and I am sure we would succede in telling the government where they stand. People are now getting dissalutioned with Brexit total withdrawel with no deal is the only way forward.
However I do wish you well in all you do they are valiant efforts.and please forgive my spelling mistakes as I am blind and it would be the way Cortana accepts my interpretation of what I dictate to it.
Happy New Year to you all

4. James Bertram , Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 20:10:

Gerry, totally agree. I posted this on John Redwood's Diary the other day. Hope BrexitFacts4EU organises something along these lines:
James bertram
Posted January 7, 2019 at 5:48 pm | Permalink
Jerry – Hotheads are not easily dealt with under the law if they act legally, in vast numbers and all at the same time, and for several months. Imagine another ‘Winter of Discontent’. Imagine 17.4 million people taking out their cars to join the rush hour; to occupy supermarket car parks / trolleys / aisles, fill their trolleys then abandon them; imagine queues to buy just £1 of petrol each; endless unnecessary telephone calls to Government and Council offices, and many failed appointments; 17.4 million people each day sending a letter on the most convoluted route to a wrong address; slow payment of bills; taking free literature and binning it; causing food shortages (eg. toilet paper); stopping buses at every stop, and pedestrian signals; in the country taking trucks, tractors and horses on the roads at rush hour. JUST IMAGINE. This is Democracy.

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