Leavers of Britain Join 'GO WTO' Campaign

10th pro-Brexit group back 'Go WTO'

Lucy Harris (copyright)
Lucy Harris, Founder, Leavers of Britain

We are delighted to announce that Leavers of Britain have become the 10th pro-Brexit organisation to back our 'Go WTO' campaign.

The Go WTO campaign is fighting for a clean Brexit on WTO terms on 29 March. Faced with the worst international draft treaty in history (Mrs May's EU Withdrawal Agreement') and a Parliament hell-bent on overturning the result of the 2016 Referendum, pro-Brexit groups are joining forces to back the 'Go WTO' campaign.

We are delighted to have Leavers of Britain on board. Founded by Lucy Harris, Leavers of Britain is a vibrant online AND offline community bringing like-minded people together across the UK.

Whether it’s a friendly drink after work, or coffee and cake at the weekend, Leavers of Britain supports people to network, make new friends and bring their communities together as we leave the EU. As they put it: "Together we can heal social divisions across the country and make a positive difference in Brexit Britain."

Check out their website here.

Here is the full list of pro-Brexit organisations now backing the biggest Brexit campaign on the internet!

Brexit Group logos

We Invite All Pro-Brexit Organisations To Back The Campaign

We cordially invite all other pro-Brexit groups to join the campaign. All we need is your confirmation by email that you back the campaign and will promote it to your followers.

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