Total of 9 Pro-Brexit Organisations Now Back ‘Go WTO’ Campaign

We are delighted to announce that the following pro-Brexit organisations have given their full backing to the Go WTO campaign and are promoting it:-

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We Invite All Pro-Brexit Organisations To Back This

We cordially invite all other pro-Brexit groups to join the campaign. All we need is your confirmation by email that you back the campaign and will promote it to your followers.

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The 'Go WTO' campaign has the support of MPs, MEPs, and many other Brexit groups, and is really making a difference.
It presents a simple, positive, and factual case for a true Brexit on 29 March 2019.

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Reader Comments 2

1. Jon, Wales, UK , Thursday, January 10, 2019, 07:45:

All UK Members of Parliament should take due notice of LEAVE groups supporting WTO, for they represent millions of ordinary people. I hope more groups get on board the Brexit hub.
We're all 'fighting' for the same Brexit cause in different ways and need to become closer, whilst Facts4EU continue churning out FACTS remainers said they wanted - and when they get the facts they have no answers.
The majority of elected MPs attempting to subvert Brexit may well find themselves out of a job come next elections. MPs voted by nearly 6:1 to give the decision to the electorate in a referendum, and the electorate responded in the largest vote our country has seen. A majority of MPs [including my own] didn't like the outcome, and I say to them, TOUGH, we voted in good faith and "Leave the European Union" won the vote.
MPs supporting Brexit should use these facts on this site to challenge pro-remain MPs, for they will be unable to challenge the facts they find, and they would be seen trying to spin these facts. Ordinary voters will NOT stand for such deceit.
UK democracy is under attack from MPs who want our country governed by Brussels bureaucrats we did not elect and cannot remove.
We MUST stand together and be proud of our Union Flag, and fully support MPs whom support our Brexit cause?

2. barbara Jell , Thursday, January 10, 2019, 10:08:

At last and not before time! All genuine pro-Brexit organisations need to put petty grievances and competition aside (and that includes YOU pro-Brexit MPs!) and unite against the powerful dictatorship of our Establishment and dangerously anti-democratic Remainers in a show of strength. We will not let the arrogant elite rob us of our chosen right to freedom from bondage to the monstrous EU, nor our right to sovereignty, independence and democracy.
There are no bounds to the immoral behaviour of our Remainer Parliamentarians, nor limits to the depths they will sink in their shameful and shameless determination to destroy the clean Brexit we voted and keep us shackled to a nightmare, whilst 'ripping out our vocal chords' in the process.
The worst culprit of all? Our treasonous, duplicitous Prime Minister who is now cynically 'climbing into bed' and horse trading with the Marxist Labour Party with bribes to try to push through the dirtiest deal of the century. Beware - this delusional woman will stop at nothing!

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