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A Brexit Facts4EU.Org editorial

Daily in the House of Commons, anti-democratic MPs are standing up and giving speeches which deny the democratic decision of the British people reached in the EU Referendum of 2016.

This is intolerable to any person who believes in democracy. For these speeches to be made by MPs - who rely on the democratic votes of the people for their jobs - is breathtaking.

What would they say if some of their constituents demanded a re-run of the general election in 2017, in order to unseat them? They would no doubt consider this to be laughable.

Sadly, we are not laughing at their antics in Parliament. We find them shameful. Any MP who opposes Brexit and any MP who backs the atrocious hokey-cokey 'deal' which Mrs May is trying to foist on the country will have to answer to the voters, and we must all tell them that. This is not only about Brexit, it is now about the state of democracy and standards in public life.

Please help to do something about this

You can do something today. You can print out our 'Go WTO' flyer, fill in your details and send it your MP. If thousands of these are received by each MP it might make some of them think twice.

Only yesterday a former minister, George Freeman MP, announced in Parliament that he had changed his mind and would support Mrs May's 'deal' after all. Imagine if his daily postbag had been bulging with letters from constituents, threatening his job if he did such a thing? No-one can say if it would have prevented him from changing his mind, but it certainly would have made him think.

It's up to all of us to prevent this disgrace from occurring. Please do everything you can today and over the weekend.

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Reader Comments 2

1. Concerned Expat , Friday, January 11, 2019, 07:05:

I wish I could wave a wand and deselect all such MP's. That would cull the Westminster 'bubble' to a size more in keeping with it's ability to govern the nation in the interests of the nation.
To those who are sceptical lets envisage a dream come true. Lets imagine, the Veterans Party, UKIP and For Britain, as the replacement for the Lib/Lab/Con cabal, I am damn sure they would make a far better country than the Lib/Lab/Con cabal have done over especially say the last 30 years to be generous to them. So I would suggest everyone who votes ignores the Lib/Lab/Con cabal at the next election - if none of other three parties I have mentioned don't have a candidate then abstain.
Everything else in this article I think is 100% bang on the button and I thank the team for stating it, it needs to be published and shouted from the rooftops.

2. NOT4EU, London , Friday, January 11, 2019, 08:13:

Under the 'every cloud' heading it is now clear to increasing numbers of people that our democracy has been corrupted at the highest levels & that needs to change. Parliament is no longer fit for purpose, judging by the ignorance & blatant lies on display that have been spewing forth in the laughable 'debates'.
Every single MP who votes for this dreadful WA, or abstains (to pretend that it's not their doing) allowing this surrender to pass, is a traitor to this country & not fit for Parliament, let alone Government. It will not be forgotten.
I do not care if they're corrupt because they're receiving brown envelopes or other bribes, working for a foreign power, are being blackmailed or simply have not understood (or even read) the dreadful WA. In all cases, they are unfit for UK public office (which is the politest way of saying it). For those saying that they will vote for the surrender 'if just the backstop is removed', read the 'kin agreement again. Whilst your at it, look at the two options that were on the ballot paper, remain or leave, & remember the result.
Many of the people intend to leave the EU on 29th March at 11pm regardless of Parliament, which will no longer be recognised as the social contract will have been broken, especially if the WA is passed. When the ballot box has proved to fail, other methods to effect change will be sought out. I am heartily sick of watching and listening to the pollies attempting to subvert our clear decision to leave & treating our country, sovereignty, independence & our democracy as a game for personal interests. They are treating us with visceral contempt.

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