The sheer, unbridled nonsense of the EU’s “trade deals” - debunked

99% of UK economy will be unaffected by the EU’s “trade deals” after Brexit


And most of the remaining 1% will continue much as usual

Using official government data, Brexit Facts4EU.Org debunks the continuing Project Fear claims from Remainers about the value of the EU’s “trade deals”.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

  • UK exports to “EU trade deal” countries amount to less than 2.5% of the UK economy
  • Following negotiations already completed, over half of these deals will continue after Brexit
  • Negotiations on the remainder are continuing but UK exporters will continue to sell to them anyway
  • Most of the EU’s “trade deals” are with countries such as Albania, Moldova, and Papua New Guinea
  • 44 of the “EU trade deal” countries show as 0.0% of UK exports, in the official HoC exports list

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The EU Commission’s performance on trade has been lamentable

The EU Commission has the sole right to negotiate trade deals for the UK, until the UK technically leaves on 31 January next year (2020). The Commission’s performance in this over the decades has been lamentable.

The stark reality is that the EU has been unable to negotiate trade deals with the USA (even under former Europhile President Barack Obama) nor with China. And its recent trade deals with Canada and Japan have still not been ratified.

Major countries such as Australia have said they are keen to do a quick trade deal with the UK. The EU still isn’t close to having a trade deal with Australia.

Most of the EU’s “trade deals” are not what they seem

As we have reported in detail before, the majority of the EU’s “trade deals” are in fact various forms of “Association Agreements” which contain large elements having nothing to do with trade. Many involve large subsidies to the countries involved, to persuade them to join the EU. These include the six Balkan counties including Kosovo – a state not even recognised by the UN as a country.

Many of the other “EU trade deals” are with countries so small that they do not even rank above 0.0% in the Dept of International Trade’s list of countries to which the UK exports.

44 out of the 70 countries on the EU’s list of “trade deals” show as representing 0.0% of UK exports. There are only three countries ranking above 1% of total UK goods exports with which arrangements still have to be made.


Remainer MPs and campaigners continue to bring up their claim that the UK will suffer after Brexit, as a result of having no access to the EU’s negotiated trade deals. Our research report above shows that this is based on ignorance.

The vast majority of countries with which the EU has some form of trade deal (and most are not simple trade deals but rather political deals) each represent 0.0% of the UK’s exports. The effect that most of these “deals” have on the British economy is negligible.

The Dept for International Trade (DIT) has already negotiated trade agreements with 50 countries with whom the EU has some form of arrangement. Negotiations are ongoing with a further 20 countries, most of which are very small.

We understand why the DIT have done what they have done, but the simple fact is that these deals represent a tiny fraction of the benefit to the UK once it is able to trade globally and freely, unencumbered by the EU’s straitjacket on trading worldwide.

We could produce one of our famous “one-pager” factsheets on this, if readers think it would be helpful?

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[ Sources: ONS Pink Book for 2018 | HoC Library | DIT ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 16 Dec 2019

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