A festive look at the EU’s Single (Christmas) Market

From Christmas trees to turkeys to teddy bears…

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… Who does best out of exporting Christmas products within the EU?

For most readers Christmas is a time for family, and also a time for spending, consuming… and giving. For many businesses across the EU, however, Christmas is a time for making money.

Regular readers will know that the UK comes 28th out of 28 countries when it comes to benefiting from the EU’s Single Market. This is according to the EU Commission itself and it is despite the fact that the UK is still the second-largest economy in the EU, until 31 January 2020 when it will officially no longer be part of the EU – at least in name.

When it comes to the EU’s Single (Christmas) Market, the situation is no different. Below we show a selection of Christmassy products, and the top exporters of these products within the EU.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org Summary

Top EU exporters of Christmas goods within the EU

(Source: Official EU Commission statistics for 2018)

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Sadly, Christmas puddings and mince pies are not separately identified by the EU’s official statistics agency. If they were, we feel sure that the UK would top the league for these products, being the only country consuming these apart from some of the 900,000 British ex-pats living in the EU27.

As it is, once again we have to report that the UK comes nowhere when it comes to the Single Market – in this case the EU’s Single Christmas Market.

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[ Sources: EU Commission official export statistics ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 29 Dec 2019

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