One more Christmas, then we're free

Brexit, the Boris Bounce, Brussels, and some reasons to be cheerful

Boxing Day Brexit reflections, from the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team

As we all continue to celebrate another Christmas with our families, it seems astonishing to realise that this is the fourth yuletide since the majority of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union.

It is even more extraordinary to think that there is still one more Christmas to go, before the country finally makes its exit from under the yoke of the EU’s ideological and sclerotic regime on 31 December 2020.

The Boris Bounce is welcome but it will have reverberations

Since Boris Johnson’s election as party leader, and then his sweeping victory in the general election exactly two weeks ago, a mood of optimism has arisen amongst the pro-Brexit public.

In five weeks’ time, at 11pm on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom will no longer be a member of the European Union – technically-speaking. For the ensuing 11 months the UK will be a colony of the EU, unable to vote upon or veto new EU laws and regulations. The British peope will continue to subsidise the bloc with its massive annual contribution of course, but there will be no representation for this taxation.

A national disgrace

The governance and sovereignty of the United Kingdom will be subject to the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) which, once passed into UK law, signed by the Prime Minister, and approved by the EU Parliament and EU Council, will have the force of an international treaty.

We fully understand why pro-Brexit MPs and commentators are putting a positive spin on the WA. Nevertheless the fact remains that this Treaty is a disgrace. Drafted by the EU with the collusion of Mrs May’s Remainer civil servants, it will forever represent a shameful episode in the country’s history.

Meanwhile, in Brussels…

It is perhaps fortunate that the EU has so many problems to deal with next year. It also has new priorities – none of which were voted on by the EU’s 512 million people of course. The number one topic in Brussels these days is EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s “European Green Deal”.

This ‘climate change’ policy is dominating everything and it’s surprising that this has been given scant attention in the British media. As with all matters EU this new policy has already run into trouble. The only way in which the EU Council reached any kind of consensus on this, earlier this month, was by excluding Poland at the last minute.

Poland relies on coal-fired power stations for around 80% of its electricity and heating. As recently as September it decided to open a major new coal mine at Jastrzebie Zdroj. The slow conversion of the Polish economy to non-fossil based fuels will take decades and cost tens of billions of Euros. Consequently the EU has effectively already broken its famous “solidarity” and “unity” by allowing Poland to ignore the new laws which will be passed.

Finally, reasons to be cheerful this Christmas

We may be facing another year of domination and subjugation by the EU, but there is finally an end in sight. This is the penultimate Christmas before the United Kingdom finally breaks all the EU’s shackles and starts to become a fully independent and sovereign country once again.

At last we have a Prime Minister and Cabinet who have committed themselves to leaving the EU. At the ballot box two weeks ago we got rid of some of the worst elements in the House of Commons - those who trampled all over our democratic traditions. Gone from the Palace of Westminster are the Grieves, Gaukes, Soubrys, Umunnas and their like.

The “People’s Vote” organisation lies in tatters. No-one is talking of a ‘second referendum’ any more. There are still challenges ahead, but we might just finally be on our way out of the European Union.

And with that thought, members of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team will raise their glasses this Boxing Day to all the Brexit Warriors amongst our readership. Here’s to one final year of scrutiny and campaigning to ensure that it all happens. Then we can go back to our normal lives again.

“To your very good health!”

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Boxing Day, 26 Dec 2019

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