"The EU now believes Boris is not bluffing," says Brexit Party MEP

"But his backtracking places the West Midlands car industry at risk"

Andrew England Kerr MEP

Andrew England Kerr MEP / logo © The Brexit Party

Exclusive guest article by the Brexit Party’s Andrew England Kerr MEP for Brexit Facts4EU.Org

The EU now believes Boris is not bluffing but we have already seen backtracking on his ‘do or die’ promise to leave the EU by the 31st October with latest reports revealing the UK could remain in the EU Customs Union and Single Market for two years after Brexit.

The Withdrawal Agreement is designed to punish the UK – including the West Midlands car industry

The demand for an Irish backstop is a sham to tie in the UK - the EU’s own expert report concluded there was no need for a hard border, as I and so many have argued.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org background information

Lars Karlsson, author of EU Parliament Brexit Border/Customs Report

Lars Karlsson, author of EU Parliament Brexit Border/Customs Report, and former Director Of The World Customs Organization, speaking to the House of Commons Exiting The EU Committee in Mar 2018:
"There would not need to be any necessary infrastructure and not need to be either CCTV cameras or number plate readers."

Question: “But the technology proposed in this report is untested, that’s correct isn’t it?” asked Joanna Cherry MP (SNP). “The proposal you’ve put here hasn’t actually been tested at any location anywhere in the world.”

Karlsson: “No that’s not correct. It actually has.”

The EU remains hell bent on punishing Britain and dissuading any other country from following suit. This was made abundantly clear by the previous French President François Hollande, who believed Britain had to be taught a lesson to stop others leaving. It is this punitive action that will severely damage our industry, jobs and communities.

In particular, there is a real danger to the West Midlands car industry if the terms of May’s horrendous withdrawal agreement are allowed to stand. Consequently, Britain may not be able to support industry with grants or aid, while the EU can entice the best of British industry out of the UK with grants paid for using UK money and guarantees.

The EU – politics over economics and a failing Euro

The Euro has failed the EU by imposing a financial straight jacket on countries. In effect, the EU is fighting for its financial future, which will be worsened if the UK thrives outside the EU. You need only take a brief glance at the appalling youth unemployment rate of 40% and more in Greece to appreciate how appalling the common currency has failed.

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We have already seen leading German economist David Folkerts-Landau, Chief economist of Deutsche Bank, predict that the UK will thrive outside the EU. Indeed, Otmar Issing who was the architect for the Euro predicts that the Euro will collapse like a pack of cards. This is hardly surprising given that the Euro was and is motivated by politics rather than economic principles.

The EU – an out-of-touch ‘élite’

The ruling 'élite' of the EU are in my view out of touch with their citizens, who would no doubt desire a healthy and mutually beneficial trading relationship with the UK, but their rulers’ blind zeal sees politics prioritised over sound economics.

Last week Hungary’s premier Viktor Orban warned that hard times are coming for the EU and denounced their fiscal policy as ‘self-destructing’. Indeed, EU bureaucrats will undoubtedly place political revenge above sound economic sense when involved in negotiations with the UK.

I greatly fear that Mr Johnson, for all his rhetoric and bluster will, at the final hour, concede to signing a deal with the EU. This would see us legally sever ties with the EU on paper but permanently enmesh us in myriad EU regulations. We would remain slaves to EU rules and regulations only without any representation in the form of elected MEPs – a most unenviable position.


When the EU’s priorities are so misaligned with common sense, this deal can only be devastating to British industry and in particular our car industry. In placing British industry and jobs as our priority we must pursue a no-deal Brexit.

The above is a guest article by the Brexit Party’s Andrew England Kerr MEP for Brexit Facts4EU.Org

About Andrew England Kerr MEP

Mr England Kerr is one of the UK’s new intake into the EU Parliament. He is on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, as well as the Subcommittee on Security and Defence.

He represents the EU Parliamentary constituency of the West Midlands in the United Kingdom, under the Brexit Party list. The Brexit Party is the largest single political party in the EU Parliament, out of all 28 countries.

A keen tennis and bee-keeping enthusiast, Mr England Kerr is a businessman and says that he entered politics to ensure that a full, clean Brexit is delivered to the British people. You can write to him using Twitter here or by email here.

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[ Sources: Andrew England Kerr MEP | EU Parliament report | Eurostat unemployment data for the regions ] Politicians and journalists can contact us for details, as ever.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, 09 Aug 2019

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